Best Route order?

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#1 by siveria
2013-04-19 at 07:24
Whats the best order in general to go thru the routes in this game?
#2 by xraider
2013-04-19 at 09:52
Doesn't matter.
#3 by gabezhul
2013-04-19 at 12:11
Maybe one thing: Read Yukie's route before Momoyo's. Yukie's route has an element that is supposed to be a bit of a revelation at the end which is just casually spoiled in Momoyo's route. But then again, it is not THAT big of a deal, so any route-order will do.
#4 by remedy
2013-11-08 at 17:57
@ gabezhul Are you referring to the fact that:

She's a legendary swordsman/woman? Something about her being one of the world's strongest, or something. I don't know, that part went over my head, lol.
#5 by gerardlonewolf
2013-11-08 at 18:30
^ I'm fairly certain he was referring to that.

I read Momo's first just so you know, and I don't get why they decided to reveal that bits just like that. It seems kinda silly to me, though with it being a minor thing, it doesn't effect anything much, so whatever. :P
#6 by diegodeveze
2016-05-02 at 08:24
I'm pretty sure what @gabezhul means is that Yukie was the one that defeated one of the Shitennou (Four Heavenly Kings? I don't remember what they're called in English).[spoiler]
#7 by nourunin195
2016-08-14 at 08:31
Maybe save Miyako's route for last? Since it kinda fits into the true route, with all the friendship between the family going on.
#8 by clowred
2016-12-06 at 21:22
I will start by saying that I was the happiest when I first finished Wanko route. Why? Well Her dream is shattered and is the only one sought by your close friends, the MC's close friends. I know that Moro has a thing for Miyako or that Capt suddenly felt like confessing to Momoyo, but these cases were there just for the story to move on.
Second route I did was Mayuchi. Even though she is slightly annoying both because she is using her phone strap, Matsukaze, do the real talking and because she is grinning like Chucky, her body is dynamite. Her sex scenes were the most erotic ones and I liked how she also had a naughty side, especially considering her admitting to masturbate each day prior to starting the relationship with the MC
Third one Chirs. She is stiff as a character until you manage to force her give up on abiding every little whim her father had. After that she is an awesome ride. Both figuratively speaking and literally. What was also very interesting was how their story was the only one that went through life difficulties. They were forced to give up on school to be able to work and live with each other as her father gave up on helping her when she refused to go back with him to Germany. Lastly, we also get an Easter Egg as a present.
Fourth, Miyako. Holly molly. This girl had the sex drive of a thousand bunnies. Still, we detach quite a lot from the present and find a little more of her backstory which was quite sad. Her feelings for Yamato proved to be more of an addiction but she matured and managed to mature. Her ending was the most fulfilling one.
After these routes I did all the hidden ones beside the Agave route which had the requirement of all the main routes to be finished. They were .. bland. Sincerely, only the teach was hot enough to be able to enjoy her sex scene and a little of ehr story. But overall, boring.
Next, Momoyo... I don't know what I was expecting. Her route makes you fulfill all sorts of requirements. You still get to enjoy her completely, but it feels stiff. She mellows a little close to the end of her route in the after story , but it still feels a little off.
Lastly, I had no confidence that the last route could do anything good, meaning the Agave route. I suspected it was just another joke from the creators, but in the end I can proudly say it was the best. You might not get any fulfillment as the MC doesn't oficially end up with anyone, but in some choices from other routes Yamato makes a mistake and accepts Miyako love, and is also raped almost instantly and her route was forced on him without having any complaints. So considering his dick was sucked both by him and Momoyo, this route was the fucking best
So my order would be .. the same as I wrote above. Mostly because each route contains quite a few clues about the others, and Momoyo, even though its quite a disappointing one, contains tons of clues, so you would just get spoiled.


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