Best VN<->Anime adaptations?

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#76 by transcendence
2013-07-19 at 05:11
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New F/SN anime by ufotable covering the Heavens Feel route. "Awesomeness" doesn't even start to describe how do I feel about this. :P

What? Now, I need to rush and start playing F/SN again for real this time. All those adaptations actually diluted my interest for the original VN, I never got myself to play it till the end. I just have to push through that one route.Last modified on 2013-07-19 at 05:12
#77 by warfoki
2013-07-19 at 06:33
< report >@Cucumberian:
They kind of already did: v777

Or if you think about dropping the Nasuverse, that probably won't happen, since that's pretty much their entire identity.

And while I can see where you are coming from, I honestly don't mind. I've seen so many great stories failing to produce enough income to keep the authors/developers in business, that I'm just genuinely happy when something so awesome as FSN becomes successful. I'd rather see another FSN anime, especially from ufotable, than say another CoD or Fast & Furious movie.Last modified on 2013-07-19 at 19:33
#78 by silence
2013-07-19 at 10:23
< report >Well, imo, FSN anime was lousy, UBW movie was pretty good, and I don't know what awaits us, when they'll finish HF. I hate Sakura, but it should be worth anyway, as we can see a lot of Rider. And UFO's work should be good, of course.
#79 by vehn
2013-07-19 at 11:17
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I'd rather see another FSN anime, especially from ufotable, than say another CoD or Fast & Furious movie.
^ This. How true.
F/SN anime was bad and UBW movie was mediocre at best. I'm still convinced that is almost impossibile to adapt a VN, o certain VNs, in an anime. But I trust Ufotable, since it's a good animation studio, so I can't be unhappy with this. As Warfoki has already said, better a well-done anime than another trash game or movie.
#80 by pendelhaven
2013-07-19 at 18:24
< report >only mass effect suffies
#81 by karvilatern
2013-07-20 at 00:56
< report >Well I genuinelly likedF/SN when I watched it (quite a few years ago). To say the truth, it was THE anime that got me interested in anime as a whole and later in VNs. Well when I played the VN later I loved it much more and than I made one of the most horrible decisions in my life and decided to rewatch the anime :) (two years after reading the VN).

I have to conclude, that though the anime was OK on it´s own, when compared to the original it is terrible. They chose the worst route of all of them (and most importantly the worst ending, as the second one in this route was much better through not the true one) and the adaptation wasn´t good at all. As for the new F/SN anime, I am quite looking forward to it as Heavens Feel was my favourite route (anyway it was propably the trou rute of the VN :)).

The best adaptation for me is the previously mentioned Utawarerumono. It is propably the only one where I felt disappointed when reading the original not when watching the anime. The anime was according to me much better. The original was really weak, evn though the story and all were almost the same.Last modified on 2013-07-20 at 00:58
#82 by shuusuke
2023-03-07 at 20:54
< report >OreTsuba.
#83 by danteas
2023-03-07 at 21:43
< report >necroing a 10 year old thread? nice
#84 by zakashi
2023-03-07 at 23:12
< report >Steins Gate
#85 by ducky32
2023-03-08 at 05:06
< report >I liked Mashiroiro Symphony
#86 by masturbator
2023-03-08 at 16:55
< report >the 2007 adaptation of Katei Kyoushi no Onee-san ~H no Hensachi Agechaimasu~

i still go back to it for dopamine every now and then (only for Akizuki Sara's scenes though)
#87 by ducky32
2023-03-19 at 07:00
< report >Yosuga no sora adaptation is pretty good


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