Route Order and Best Routes.

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#1 by boomsickle
2013-04-26 at 19:56
Im probably late to the party but just finished this last week and i thought it was above par. The route order i played through was, In terms of playing order i would of played Yukinas route before Rins.


In order from best to worst it would be.


I thought Asahi's route was the most depressing and all that childhood friend drama that you dont see in any of the other routes was just annoying. Tsuzumi, Rin, Yukina, Koto were just so loli >.< Kohane and Miyu are bot super cute and nice. Aois was good too but the others ones were better. Thoughts?Last modified on 2013-04-26 at 19:57
#2 by ultimecea
2013-04-29 at 18:20
ok....let me see...
the hell you manage to think that Kohane's route is better than Rin or Tsuzumi??????

and with Asahi been the worst route??
if i were to go with Hoshimemo's point of view..
Asahi is the True route and Koto is that troll mare >.>

seriously..i think you need to check your opinions
#3 by bookwormotaku
2013-04-29 at 19:14
In terms of story, what makes for the best route order?
#4 by gabezhul
2013-04-29 at 19:50
@Bookwormotaku: You can start with either Kohane, Miyu, Rin, Tsuzumi or Aoi. I would recommend Kohane's route for first, as it is very light on drama and provides a good example of the game's overall very fluffy tone. Asahi's route is unlocked after Miyu's + two other heroine's routes are done, though Miyu's route is pretty much the blandest of the bunch, so I recommend getting done with it ASAP so you can enjoy the rest freely. I also recommend to do Rin before Yukina, as Yukina's route practically branches off of hers and it makes more sense to do her route first. Also, it is a good idea to do Tsuzumi's and Yukina's routes back to back, as they provide some small details to each other, though the order shouldn't really matter. Koto is unlocked after all of them are done, and it is just a short gag-route.
In short, I would recommend:
Kohane -> Miyu -> Aoi -> Rin -> Yukina -> Tsuzume -> Asahi -> Koto
It's generally the same as OP's order, except I think Asahi's route should be read later, since one of the few overarching elements of the story is the foggy "dreams" of the protagonist that serve as a bit of foreshadowing for Asahi's route, so the more you see of them in different routes, the better.

@Ultimecea: I would rather say that he doesn't need to "check" his opinions, only explain them in a way that they make sense. I for one really can't seen how one can rate Miyu's route above Asahi's and especially Aoi's, but hey, maybe he does have a good reason? :P
#5 by ultimecea
2013-04-30 at 01:36
@3....try Kohane+Aoi>Rin+Yukina>Miyu>Tsuzumi>Asahi>koto
its easier this way due to how the heroines summer arc were set on..
but for me..if i were to pick route by route...i'll clear both miyu and Aoi's route..then Kohane&Rin
and proceed last to Tsuzumi and Yukina (somehow i like both of them more than the rest maybe because i have weird taste..but whatever)
and finally proceed with Period true route and the troll route

@gabe..i know how that feel..
when Miyu and Aoi were 2 of the weakest route..
but..i believe he actually explain that in his stupid spoiler >.>
and i actually wanted to ask him to check his brain or ask him to compare his brain cells in the LAB to see whether its dead or not..
but i hold back to avoid myself actually flaming himLast modified on 2013-04-30 at 01:40
#6 by gabezhul
2013-04-30 at 05:01
I have to disagree with you too then. The weakest route was Miyu's by far, with the unresolved robbig-subplot and pretty weak chemistry between the characters. Then the next worst would be Yukina's, thanks to its nonsensical "plot device" and how it managed to cause no drama at all, practically wasting it, not to mention the comparatively weak chemistry between Yukina and Mitsuki.
Rin's and Aoi's routes were roughly on the same level after that. Rin's was uncharacteristically melodramatic and the mother's 180 at the end was a little silly in its suddenness, but otherwise fine, while Aoi's was an outstanding route with great chemistry between the leads and a decidedly unique and refreshingly creative resolution to its relationship drama, but it was way too short.
Asahi's route was generally pretty good and probably the most drama-heavy of all the routes, and again, it was an unexpected take on the clichéd osananajimi romance trope.
Finally, the two best routes were Tsuzumi's, with the outstanding chemistry between the leads, great comedy and very heartwarming ending, and finally Kohane's, which was the ultimate feel-good-story, with great chemistry, pacing, no relationship drama and it had a very satisfying ending. The only two flaws Kohane's route had was Kohane's relatively one-note personality (didn't bother me that much) and the lack of explanation about the "angels", which can be overlooked taken that it really wasn't the focus of the route.
As for Koto... I wouldn't call her scenario a "route", to be honest... -.-

However, I have to point out that I would say even the weakest route in this game deserved a strong 7 out of 10, with no outstandingly dumb or infuriating routes (like, say, Hoshimemo's Aoi and Chihaya routes, for example), so it really comes down to only minute flaws and differences.
#7 by ultimecea
2013-04-30 at 15:37
hmmm...i can understand your way of thinking..
though..i felt Aoi's route were dont actually pulls me into the mood much
while..Yukina were..most likely because due to her personality...

Rin's route could do more..if not that anti-climax moments..
but...i dont see anything wrong for Asahi..
since..her route felt like natural for me..
in fact..her route could possibly happen in real life

and..kohane didnt attract me that much compared to tsuzumi..due to her predictable personality and reaction as you mentioned yourself
and for Koto..she's Mare in hoshimemo >.>

but..miyu is just about a 6 for she's purely gave me the weakest feeling of any attachment from her route..
while..Aoi is 7 and Yukina beat her over a slight few fraction...
but..i can see all that change..if it was just slightly longer to build up the mood
#8 by souseiseki
2013-05-19 at 20:07
Koto's route was totally pointless. -1 for that.


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