Seasonal Theme

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#1 by shaoping
2013-04-27 at 03:44
Woah I have just noticed that Sagaplanets has been using seasons as a theme in its past few games:
Natsuyume Nagisa - Summer
Kisaragi-GOLD★STAR~Moonlight serenade in autumn - Fall
Hatsuyuki Sakura - Winter

Does that mean their next upcoming game is going to be set in Spring?
#2 by shini
2013-04-27 at 05:24
They consider v775 to be their spring-themed game.

Proof: Their "4 Seasons" goods set that they sold at Comiket 83 featured characters from Coming x Humming!! as well as the three games you mentioned.
#3 by globus
2015-04-28 at 18:56
The season theme is what they built their previous games around. It's even advertised...

Hanasaki Workspring might represent a continuation. We'll have to see with their next game


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