Too bad they are ruining this game.

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#1 by siveria
2013-05-23 at 01:43
< report >Its too bad they are ruining this game, why remove the H-scenes? It just ruins a nice lil thing at the ending, Aselia the eternal is another example, some of the h-scenes were actually relevant to the story, but they all got removed for some reason.
#2 by onemore
2013-05-23 at 03:19
< report >Already discussed. See t4084.
#3 by verifonix
2013-05-23 at 07:11
< report >Again, you can't say something is/will be lacking until you have played the impending release of the game. Everything else is speculation.

Also, was it really necessary to make a new thread for this while all it contains is "ARR, MAH H-SCENEZ".
#4 by ultimecea
2013-05-23 at 07:31
< report >*requesting removal/locking for this thread*
#5 by justinizhere
2013-05-23 at 09:54
< report >
*requesting removal/locking for this thread*

#6 by gerardlonewolf
2013-05-23 at 10:04
< report >
No.Last modified on 2013-05-23 at 10:14
#7 by vehn
2013-05-23 at 10:50
< report >
*requesting removal/locking for this thread*
That's not your job, there are moderators for this.
#8 by ultimecea
2013-05-23 at 11:11
< report >this is a repeated its a waste of time..
and i dont see its wrong for my request
#9 by vehn
2013-05-23 at 11:30
< report >
this is a repeated its a waste of time..
Maybe. But it's useless to ask to lock threads.. When Gabe or Yorhel will see this, if they deem it necessary, they will lock this. :PLast modified on 2013-05-23 at 12:01
#10 by justinizhere
2013-05-23 at 11:43
< report >

Don't underestimate me, I also have a folder of these sir.Last modified on 2013-05-23 at 11:43
#11 by gabezhul
2013-05-23 at 14:28
< report >You know what? This actually saves me some time. Please go ahead and let out all your Moenovel related bitching in this thread, but then in return any speculations and offtopic in t4084 will be met with -harsh and just retribution-.
That said, proceed, and call me when you feel like this thread had sunk low enough to delete it. :P
#12 by verifonix
2013-05-23 at 14:29
#13 by ultimecea
2013-05-23 at 14:30
< report >*noticed gabe adding oil to the fire*
#14 by gabezhul
2013-05-23 at 14:33
< report >P.S.: Also, keep the bitching within agreeable levels. Speculation is fine, opinions are fine, name-calling and being obnoxious is not.

@Ultimecea: I just had to realize that it is pretty much impossible to keep the speculation out of the discussion about Moenovel, so I am trying to at least divide the useful information and the complaining/speculation into different threads so that the news can be actually found without having to wade through several pages of "useless" posts between the relevant infos.
#15 by saberger
2013-05-23 at 15:02
< report >WANT TO BUY TWIN-TWINTAILS THREESOME SEX SCENES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#16 by verifonix
2013-05-23 at 15:15
< report >That really doesn't sound half-bad.
#17 by onemore
2013-05-23 at 15:25
< report >
#18 by PabloC
2013-05-23 at 16:39
< report >And thus, MoeNovel made the life of our tsun-tsun mod a little bit harder. Those guys are EVIL!. :PLast modified on 2013-05-23 at 16:40
#19 by feni007
2013-05-24 at 23:14
< report >Just now seeing that this is getting translated. It was a pretty decent game so they made a good choice and I'm guessing someone will make a patch to put the English text onto the JP game so you'll get the h-scenes. They won't be translated but it's mostly just "Aaaahhhh" anyways.

Only thing that annoyed me was the #1 heroine I wanted was one of the twins and she only had a 3-way route with her sister. Yet the other twin had a perfectly viable relationship without involving her sister. I *really* don't like 3-ways/harems so it personally fucked me over.
#20 by jackuars
2013-05-25 at 06:49
< report >
this is a repeated its a waste of time..

@ultimecea: How do we know it's a repeated thread :)

We really need a search function in this forum....yorhel :DLast modified on 2013-05-25 at 06:51
#21 by ultimecea
2013-05-25 at 08:06
< report >dude..just check the thread that was created under the same VN..if thats aint obvious enough >.>
#22 by mastag
2013-05-30 at 20:48
< report >Man just make a poll for the ones who are ticked off (regarding the removal of the H-Scenes) and the ones who don't care. This would basically make it a "H-Followers/Haters" poll.

Then you shift 90% of the Haters to the other side, and now you have an estimate number of both values.

Then everyones curiosity would be satisfied - I think.
#23 by ultimecea
2013-05-31 at 04:55
< report >i dont see a point to make that kind of poll...
since it's basically 99% against the rip-off version of konosora~
#24 by asuka220
2013-05-31 at 08:48
< report >hey , just download the CG set , lol
unless you really want to hear that moaning sound , download the original version , it's not that hard isn't it?Last modified on 2013-05-31 at 08:50
#25 by madeking
2013-05-31 at 10:31
< report >There really isn't any need for any poll.
It wouldn't be accurate, Moenovel wouldn't pay attention to it, and it would simply encourage more flames.Last modified on 2013-05-31 at 10:33