Too bad they are ruining this game.

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#626 by gabezhul
2013-10-31 at 19:50
< report >Oh no you don't! The thread finally calmed down, I am not going to let you drag it back into flamewar territory... ಠ_ಠ
#627Post deleted.
#628 by gabezhul
2013-11-01 at 06:57
< report >Aaaaaand that's a temp ban right there. Nice way to start off my day, asshole... -.-
#629 by fireman123
2013-11-01 at 07:14
< report >Start the day at 12 in the morning? :P
#630 by gabezhul
2013-11-01 at 07:18
< report >I'm actually only one timezone away from the server, so no, it's actually 8:15 around here. Speaking of which, I should really get moving. The cemeteries are not going to visit themselves...
I hate the day of the dead. So much hassle... -.-'
#631 by gerardlonewolf
2013-11-01 at 07:18
< report >Gabe is so scary~~ kyaaa!!! >.<
#632 by gabezhul
2013-11-01 at 07:21
< report >You think I am scary -now-? Just wait until you see me when I come back from having to visit six old family graves in four different villages and towns! I will be lucky if I can get it done by the evening...
So, so much hassle... -.-'
#633 by gerardlonewolf
2013-11-01 at 07:54
< report >I'd rather not. :P

Oh, and have fun. xD
#634Post deleted.
#635 by gabezhul
2013-11-02 at 11:04
< report >It's always fun to see how idiots like you think not tolerating stupid dipshits like them is somehow a weakness I am supposed to be ashamed of. I especially liked the part where you were outraged when I deemed you an asshole and then immediately turned around and started insulting me in the most infantile manner possible. In fact, I was seriously stumped about how I should reply as I am really not all that well versed in kindergarten playground level insults, so I probably couldn't return your words in kind even if I tried...
Seriously though, calling someone "gay" and "pussy" and "little girl" is generally more hilarious than enraging... :P

BTW, after this sock-puppet idiocy you can consider yourself permabanned. Have a nice day. :P

Also, at this rate I should lock this thread altogether. There is another one in which the update could be announced already, and all this drama here is just getting ridiculous.
#636 by warfoki
2013-11-02 at 11:18
< report >If you lock it, you can deal with the drama spreading to other threads or new threads popping up instead. Like, you know, the time you locked its predecessor. Imho it would be easier for everyone (including you) if this thread would stay as the container for the ongoing drama and whining about the projects related to this VN. Just sayin'.Last modified on 2013-11-02 at 11:19
#637 by fireman123
2013-11-02 at 23:25
< report >May I ask what he said? I am curious because of your answer
#638 by gabezhul
2013-11-03 at 08:55
< report >Just a string of random insults, you are not missing anything.

I especially -love- how I deleted a post in order to avoid a potential flame-war, and then the guy just started flaming me instead. Such typical internet behavior...
#639 by pirkaf
2014-01-19 at 15:14
< report >Ladies and gentlemen, one of the most successful companies in this niche market, Moenovel, has just reached 100k likes on Facebook! This means a fenomenal success and we all should celebrate! For comparison, Mangagamer has 1400 liikes and the freaking J-List 146k likes. Oh, is there something wrong? Maybe... ^_^
#640 by warfoki
2014-01-19 at 15:21
< report >Nevermind that half of the thread was about how easy it is to buy FB likes by the thousands, thus making this point moot...
#641 by abyssaleros
2014-01-19 at 15:23
< report >And who with a sane mind cares about FB?
#642 by usagi
2014-02-11 at 00:05
< report >Are there any updates on retranslation patch?
#643 by pendelhaven
2014-02-11 at 04:48
< report >Honestly I wish the TL team would direct their TL efforts on a something better VN than this... this yawnfest of a VN.
#644 by PabloC
2014-02-11 at 17:09
< report >@Usagi
Common route TLC is done up to the timeskip, plus some scripts after that (but those still need some polishing). As for character routes, they are supposed to be edited and maybe TLC-ed to some extent except for the twins' routes (at least I didn't hear anything about those) - I'm going to check them anyway, but hopefully they won't take as much time as the common route.
Also, I have quite a bit of work-related stuff to deal with until the end of February, so my progress will be almost stalled for a while.
#645 by niyari
2014-03-10 at 23:42
< report >finally got around to reading the MN translation and it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be (based on all the hearsay). i know for sure they used multiple translators though. one of them in particular was REALLY bad. he kept getting the context of what was being said wrong. i first noticed it after the first Kotori ero scene.

edit: in hindsight it's possible that prior to the Kotori scene i was already reading stuff that was fixed in the first version of the patch. /shrugLast modified on 2014-03-11 at 00:06
#646 by justinizhere
2014-03-11 at 06:50
< report >I should actually finish this...but I honestly cannot even be bothered, it's not all that great.
#647 by verifonix
2014-03-21 at 20:23
< report >The TL for Ageha's route is so terribad. At times it doesn't even make sense...
They also translated 'Aoi no ecchi' as 'Aoi... kiss...' in a conversation with Hotaru, pretty confusing.
(Edit: Amane's H-scenes are riddled with errors as well. Across the routes at times there's also random yen¥ signs)Last modified on 2014-03-23 at 09:00
#648 by warfoki
2014-03-21 at 20:38
< report >Since the thread got necro'd anyway: how are things goin' with the translation-fix? Do you guys have any rough estimates by when will it be done? Spring, summer, second half of the year, never? I've been watching / reading plot-heavy stuff lately for the most part, so some random moe fluff would be a nice change of pace.
#649 by PabloC
2014-03-21 at 21:39
< report >@verifonix
Well, even in common route, I'm also bumping into lines that make no sense whatsoever. I can kinda imagine how Ageha's route looks like, when it's apparently even worse than other parts (and the first Restoration patch was supposed to already fix it up a bit...).

Unfortunately, due to work-related delays, I only really got back to KonoSora about a week ago, so I'm not that much further than in my previous post.
And it's hard to estimate anything, because the quality of MN's translation randomly jumps from bad to utterly awful. One script is going smoothly, and then I get stuck on the next one, that is completely screwed up and takes 10x more time to fix. In the current part, the latter are getting more and more frequent. I think their translator got tired and stopped even trying. :/

If I knew how shitty this "translation" is beforehand, I probably wouldn't get into that whole TLC business. Fixing some errors is one thing, but retranslating big chunks of >50k lines long VN is a bit too much for someone without any prior experience with TL. I'm very stubborn, so I'm not planning to drop it, but don't expect it finished anytime soon.Last modified on 2014-03-21 at 21:40
#650 by warfoki
2014-03-21 at 22:52
< report >IRL takes priority, we can agree on that. As long as you'll eventually finish it at some point, I'm okay with it and glad for your work on the matter. :)


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