Higurashi is Brilliant

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#26 by transcendence
2013-06-21 at 13:30
Haha, it's really good. I just finished it a week ago, that was a very nice read. Ryukishi's plot ideas were intricate, and it's nice how every character (at least most illustrated ones) are developed in depth.

I now agree that it's not practically possible to answer the mysteries from the first four episodes. It was still neatly done anyway, and reading Kai for the answers was a very satisfying experience.Last modified on 2013-09-14 at 13:12
#27 by bolotoy06
2013-10-23 at 13:25
i think you can answer the mysteries from the 4 episodes.. though it would be very difficult..:D.

but higurashi is probably the best VN i ever read...:D..its my top 1 no doubt it just blow my mind the moment i finish this vn last june :D
#28 by vargr1105
2016-03-28 at 11:51
I just finished Higurashi up until Tatarigoroshi. Did you guys seriously try to solve the mysteries?


All those pre- and post-game lines by Ryuukishi07 in the vein of "Can YOU solve the mystery? Can you? Can you?" set off my bullshit/snakeoil salesman detector so I didn't bother.

the mystery of this game is very confusing as fuck

Indeed. It is so fucking confusing in fact I think the author himself got very confused, gave up and just started writing down whatever brainfarts popped into his mind as the Kai chapters. XD

Ryukishi's plot ideas were intricate

Intricate amped to to 11, I'd say! It's just a shame he is so much better at coming up with plot ideas rather than actually writing stories and narratives. :(

I started Higurashi but dropped it (...) Yes, I know I'm probably missing out on a lot of stuff.

You are, but most of it is boring as fuck slice-of-life pablum or anvilicious "life lessons" the author keep trying to shove down the reader's throat, of little to no narrative value that are just there for padding, length and the illusion of substance; but without the animation, voice acting, fanservice or gore you get in the anime.
#29 by usagi
2016-03-28 at 20:27
Obvious troll is obvious.
#30 by vargr1105
2016-03-29 at 19:42
Obvious butthurt fanboy is obvious.
#31 by moeru
2018-11-19 at 03:25
I have tryed to read Umineko, but the very first arc ruined impression of excellent work. In contrast with Higurashi, most characters and their relationships are introduced from indifferent or not heartwarming side, so when a dramatic events starts, it feels cheap and false at all. And then a moment later the main hero appears with a smile, like nothing happened...
#32 by alexff37
2019-05-10 at 20:28
Yeah it's amazing. i'm currently in middle of ch4 of umineko, and holy shit, this is superb. And voice acting, you can totally tell seiyuu's are into it.


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