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#1 by jlemieux
2013-06-04 at 04:19
Is this a romance type VN? I saw the anime, and it felt like it followed Kurisu's end and I wonder if the VN is romance-esque? Playing through Chaos;head right now and plan on picking this up down the line.
#2 by cucumberian
2013-06-04 at 04:27
This definitely isn't, but the romantic comedy fandisc v6618 is.Last modified on 2013-06-04 at 04:28
#3 by [deleted]
2013-06-04 at 12:34
@1 If you've seen the anime then you can see why most people may not consider it a romance story with the focus on the time travel drama over romance, but it does have some of the same traits with each of the other routes/endings focusing on a single girl with the implication that the protagonist and girl fall in love. These other routes are far shorter than the true end (anime), being a brief dead end for when you choose the "wrong" choice.

They're generally bitter-sweet and help emphasie the despair our hero feels from repeatedly failing to save Mayuri and worth reading while in the midst of the story, but probably not worth going back for unless you really care about a heroine.
#4 by cross
2013-06-04 at 15:38
^ there is definitely a romantic tension between Okabe and Kurisu throughout the game, but the main focus is on timetravel, agreed.

And at least the Suzuha ending is pretty epic.
#5 by [deleted]
2013-06-04 at 16:05
^ I agree Suzuha's ending is fantastic, just a pity it wasn't longer. I particularily liked the ambiguous nature of how it finishes.

Unfortunately if you've already seen the true ending then you'll be going from the highest emotional peak (Karisu and Okabe reuniting) to what is probably the darkest point in the entire story.

Rather than watch it out of order like that I think it would be better to wait a few months/years and then replay the entire VN doing the endings in the correct sequence.
#6 by cross
2013-06-04 at 16:19
They are basically little bittersweet side endings, so I recomend to watch them right after going straight for the true end.

And watch out for the shower scene, I was pretty surprised to find it in an "all ages" title. I guess it's not nudity if they cover the important spots^^
#7 by luckypaper
2013-06-08 at 02:39
Uh what? Suzuha's ending was fantastic?
Did I get another end?
they go back to 1975?

where exactly does that count as fantastic?
#8 by cross
2013-06-08 at 09:19
A post from Luckypaper??? Warfoki told me he's gone for good... so who are you, impostor!?

[edit}: Seems he's as alive and genki as before...

But to answer your question:

- After all the shit Okabe has tried to change the timeline, it's interesting to see what happens when he simply gives up
- it's funny how this silly bicycle trip drives him crazy and makes him lose his humanity (I hate cycling too^^)
- it's fantastic how sharp Suzuha is, when she relizes what's going on and how she tries to solve everything
- the tranquil, yet elegiacal scene, when they leave everything behind, to travel to an unknown world together (one of my favourite scenes in SG)
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#9 by luckypaper
2013-06-08 at 14:28
Lol you would actually believe that clown? Lol


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