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#1 by bookwormotaku
2013-06-20 at 01:46
Okay, I like everyone else am patiently waiting for Miyako's route translation and I've played all the translated routes, but I'm considering playing Chika and Mayo's plus the guys' routes and now to pass the time since my knowledge of Japanese is enough that I'm sure I can read and enjoy them . The thing is I don't know if I can access them yet since I haven't played Miyako's route, so can anyone tell me if any of these side routes are locked?
#2 by ultimecea
2013-06-20 at 07:45
hmm...out of the 3 side heroines and 3 best frined route..
only Umeko sensei were translated..
plus..the requirement to unlock those side route were:
Kazama, Moro and Gakuto (unlocks after 1 route)
Chika (unlocks after 2 route)
Umeko (unlocks after 3 route)
Mayo (unlocks after 4 route)
#3 by gerardlonewolf
2013-06-20 at 16:29
Only Agave (the tree) route will remain locked since you need to complete all five main heroines route to unlock it. The rest of the side routes is playable now since you've finished all main routes except Miyako.
#4 by rubytyr
2013-06-20 at 23:04
read somewhere there's a "true arc" as well, which interests me quiet abit.

sure hope someone picks up the translation for whatever is left to be done :)
#5 by bookwormotaku
2013-10-19 at 03:56
Anyone know how to make Chika and Mayo appear on the character select screen?
#6 by bookwormotaku
2013-10-19 at 16:50
Never mind, figured it out. Who knew it would be that simple?


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