stains;gate psp vita?

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#1 by knightssect
2013-07-02 at 01:02
I'v been trying to figure out how to get this on my psp vita. I know that there is an english version for the pc, and I know in march they released a port to the psp vita. maybe a psp english version that can be put on a psp vita.

I'm trying to get this in english.Last modified on 2013-07-02 at 01:09
#2 by cucumberian
2013-07-02 at 01:14
No one has bothered to port the translated script into the PSP version, and hacking Vita games is not possible at the moment.

Get the PC version if you want to play in English.Last modified on 2013-07-02 at 01:15
#3 by kilicool64
2013-07-02 at 18:32
It wouldn't be worth using the current script for a PSP port of the patch anyway since it got heavily revised since the latest unofficial patch and there've been hints that JAST will announce an official release at AX. Though it'll probably take Nitroplus quite a while until they've localized the game's engine, given how ridiculously long it took them to localize Demonbane's and Saya no Uta's engines.
#4 by herki
2013-07-02 at 23:02
What the hell are you talking about? They wouldn't have to do anything with the engine since it's already on an engine that works.
#5 by kilicool64
2013-07-03 at 12:52
@4 Do you really think they'd accept a hacked version of their engine? Haven't heard of any VN company who ever did that? They'll have to add features like word-wrapping themselves. To make things worse, the engine is really bad and buggy. Apparently, even its Japanese version randomly crashes.
#6 by moogy
2013-07-03 at 13:16
they sure didn't add wordwrapping to demonbane
#7 by kilicool64
2013-07-03 at 18:13
@6 Huh? This article from Nitroplus USA seems to suggest the opposite: link
#8 by moogy
2013-07-03 at 21:54
all of the wordwrapping in demonbane is manual which is why the backlog is screwed up, lol
#9 by herki
2013-07-03 at 23:55
They don't need to port it to a new engine though, so it should take much less effort and time.Last modified on 2013-07-03 at 23:55
#10 by kilicool64
2013-07-04 at 06:53
What about Saya no Uta's officially localized engine?
#11 by moogy
2013-07-04 at 08:49
They didn't need to port Demonbane to a new engine either, we were working with the N2System rerelease the entire time and fixed all of the scripts ourselves.

Makoto also pretty much did the entirety of the porting for Saya's scripts himself. Nitro+ so helpfulLast modified on 2013-07-04 at 08:49
#12 by kilicool64
2013-07-04 at 16:09
*facepalm* Are Nitroplus' engines really THAT bad that manually editing the entire script is still easier than adding word wrapping like every other VN developer does when localizing their games?


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