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#1 by satsuki
2013-07-03 at 09:41
< report >just want to ask, which route is the locked route?
#2 by madeking
2013-07-03 at 09:50
< report >I havent been able to get on Amane's yet, not sure what the requirements are for unlocking it yet though.
#3 by satsuki
2013-07-03 at 09:56
< report >I can kinda guess Amane route is locked, since they gray out all of the choice about her. how about Asa and Yoru?
#4 by madeking
2013-07-03 at 09:58
< report >ive only seen one choice for Asa so far and it wasn't greyed out, but i assume the none options would also lead to them from earlier on so, i'd have to say they're probably fine.Last modified on 2013-07-03 at 10:00
#5 by satsuki
2013-07-03 at 10:05
< report >actually when Aoi decide who will wake up early, both "Amane" and "Me" are grayed out, and we have to choose between Kotori and Ageha, so...... ( if Asa and Yoru route arent locked, the choice "Me" should be available, right? )Last modified on 2013-07-03 at 10:08
#6 by madeking
2013-07-03 at 10:18
< report >I had forgotten about that one, but the none option at the beach isnt greyed out for sure, and there is a direct choice for Asa later on, i'd be suprised if Asa's route was locked at least.

edit: okay, now something weird, same beach scene, second playthrough and the none option is locked... i can vouch it wasnt the first time because i have a save file, only difference is i chose Kotori at the first option over Ageha

First playthrough: link
Second playthrough:link

I went back to my save, chose none, and now the ME option is available for the next choice that you mentioned earlier, but Ageha is greyed out.. and this is the save i chose ageha for my first choice.
linkLast modified on 2013-07-03 at 10:39
#7 by meht
2013-07-03 at 12:08
< report >Kotori, Asa, and Ageha are available from the beginning.

Amane route is unlocked after completing Kotori's, Yoru's route is unlocked after completing Asa.

Certain choices will also be unavailable regardless if you pick too many/not enough of a specific girl.
#8 by madeking
2013-07-03 at 12:22
< report >Yoru has a route? i thought there was an Asa route and a twins route? A Yoru route would make me happy.

Anyway thanks for the info. think i'll go for Asa then Yoru - followed by kotori then Amane, i had planned to play Amane's route last anyway.Last modified on 2013-07-03 at 12:29
#9 by meht
2013-07-03 at 12:35
< report >It's technically twin route, but Yoru is the focus.

And good choice on route order. Amane is best route IMO, best way to end the game.
#10 by satsuki
2013-07-03 at 13:21
< report >I also plan to play Amane route last, but it's because I dont like older girls, lol. Going out with them feel like go shopping with my sister or aunt or such~Last modified on 2013-07-03 at 13:22
#11 by meht
2013-07-03 at 14:59
< report >Come on, she's not that old, like early 20s at most. Outside of appearances she's not really like normal senpai/elder sister style characters either.

She's just so adorably stupid at times, you can't help but grow attached. I didn't expect to like her as much as I did, but she became my favorite of the heroines by the time I finished the game.
#12 by madeking
2013-07-03 at 15:04
< report >She's a genius, and in VN's that usualy means she skipped like 100 grades anyway, and least thats how ive been thinking of it :P
#13 by satsuki
2013-07-03 at 15:06
< report >I didnt say she is old, I said "older girl"....
#14 by tubehunter
2013-08-10 at 02:27
< report >Doesn't matter, as long as she looks to me. In fact, all of the female characters in this game looks like teenagers. The twins look like grade schoolers, though.
#15 by noirx
2013-08-10 at 09:19
< report >They're loli's after all.
#16 by tubehunter
2013-08-11 at 11:42
< report >I have to admit that I skipped all sex scenes in their route. Even reading the non sex scenes embarrassed me. This protagonist is a god damn lolicon. >_>

Amane <-- best woman
Ageha <-- sex crazed girl


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