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#1 by ruinmyhopes
2013-07-23 at 17:29
The antisocial tag is inaccurate. An antisocial person is not what is described in the description. It's a common misconception and misuse of the word but what they are really referring to is social anxiety. An antisocial person is someone that lacks empathy for others. They are violent and are good at putting on a facade to lie to others so that they can gain what they want.
#2 by gabezhul
2013-07-23 at 17:57
First off, it's a trait.

Secondly, why is it bad again? It says:
Different from just being shy or reserved, antisocial people are unwilling or unable to associate normally with other people. They may or may not be a hikikomori.
That "unable to associate with other people" part seems to describe what you are talking about perfectly, lack of empathy and everything. At best it should be added that such characters also often put up facades, but aside of that I see no issue there.
#3 by roflcopters
2013-07-29 at 13:40
Asocial - Avoiding social interaction; inconsiderate of or hostile to others.

Antisocial- Contrary to the laws and customs of society; devoid of or antagonistic to sociable instincts or practices.

Simply put you can say that asocial people avoid society and that antisocial people shun society.Last modified on 2013-07-29 at 13:44
#4 by pillostorm
2020-01-07 at 02:14
Sorry to post in such an old thread, but I also think that this trait's description and name are wrong.
Antisocial got its description from three different and vage definitions from Wiktionary as opposed to a more complete Wikipedia article. As a result, I think it has a rather ambiguous description and it's largely mixed with the meaning of "asocial", which is another thing entirely.

An asocial person is someone who simply prefers to be alone or with very few people most of the time/always. Asocial people don't like socializing, being with large groups, parties... as much as social people (or at all). That doesn't necessarily mean they're hostile/inconsiderate/unfriendly, or that they reject others, or that they lack empathy or can't associate normally with others. Being asocial is only about preferring to be alone or to engage in solitary activities most or all the time, whether one's friendly and kind and knows how to socialize or not, and for a wide variety of reasons (not liking noisy places, being annoyed by people, getting tired easily, being more of a calm person, liking more private and intimate conversations, being independent, depression, hating society, preferring a small circle of friends, not being good at socializing, etc.). They don't necessarily suffer social anxiety, and may be very good at talking to people and just choose not to. Hikikomori (wrongly associated with antisociality in Antisocial) is an extreme case of asociality. Related traits are Reserved, Loner, Hikikomori, Shy.

An unfriendly person is someone difficult to make friends with, who rejects other people or acts mean/cold towards anyone who approaches them (again, for a variety of reasons, like fear of rejection, trauma, misanthropy, and so on); this kind of person is often asocial too, as their possible dislike for people might make them want to stay away from others. "Unfriendly", "Hostile" and "Antagonistic" are all aliases for Antisocial, and I'd say Mean could also be an alias for the same trait. This could be a reason why one would become a Hikikomori, and this kind of character can be Rude. I wonder if "closed-off" could also be an alias. I think this is what the "Antisocial" trait is about, right?

However, antisociality is something completely different from these two concepts. It has nothing to do with seeking solitude or not wanting friends; it's a pathological thing. Firstly, there's antisocial (criminal) behavior, a disregard towards rules, morals and law, which is present, for example, in young people who are a Delinquent, and is not part of a mental illness by itself (yet).

But repeated antisocial behavior since childhood and throughout life may lead to the developement of what I consider a more extreme and serious definition of "antisocial", Antisocial Personality Disorder, in adulthood, under which the terms "psychopath" and "sociopath" are now included. The trait Psychopathic was deleted because ""psychopath" doesn't have an actual definition" and "it's not an acknowledged mental disorder", but the term "Antisocial Personality Disorder" was created to acknowledge what psychopath and sociopath characteristics that had been previously described could be objectively used to diagnose the disorder. People with this disorder are more likely to be criminals. Typically, psychopaths and sociopaths are said to be unable (or unwilling) to associate with others normally because they have a stunted (or complete lack of) sense of empathy or conscience (and interest in interpersonal relationships), incapable of loving (at least how normal people do) and feeling guilt or remorse, highly impulsive and expert manipulators who disregard the suffering they might cause others. Attempts at teaching empathy to sociopaths has proven to worsen their manipulator trait; they fake emotions to look like normal people and get what they want, be it sex, money, power, an adrenaline rush... This is what #1 meant. Related traits are Manipulative, Haraguro, Cold-hearted, Psychopathic (deleted), Rebellious, Cruel, several child traits of Crime, maybe Serial Killer.

So, having cleared that up, IMO Antisocial's name should be changed to one of its aliases ("Unfriendly" might be the best) and "Asocial" added as one of Reserved's aliases.


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