Common route resolution (spoilers)

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#1 by thevsamovies
2013-07-24 at 05:42
So midway (i'm assuming) into the story, when Kosame attacks Mare at the lookout when You was there and then komomo stops her and such. Then she makes her sister calm down... With a kiss on the lips? I feel like any normal kiss on the cheek or forehead would be fine; why make it on the lips? Totally ruined the mood for me. This is as bad as Fate/stay night incorporating sex into the plot and making it a huge thing for no reason (my rage for that is extreme, the random sex scenes in fate/stay ruin the plot, but that's off topic). Why did they have to kiss on the lips and why did that resolve everything? Also You's reaction is a little... Weak. In the end her perfectly forgives Kosame and acts like he owes Komomo. Not sure why, since Kosame just acted like a huge bi*ch, and Komomo was completely unconcerned with the saftey of her friend, Mare, and was only worried about her sister (who is still like, the greatest person in the world even after she just did all that).

Does anyone else agree with me on this? The writers did mention it was a non-sexual kiss but they've been hinting at sexual things the entire time, and still for a normal person to kiss a family member of the same sex on the lips just to calm the person down? A bit extreme, even if the situation was extreme in itself, and in the end I'm more concerned about the fast, unrealistic resolution. Even if You said he wouldn't forgive her, he clearly did.
#2 by gabezhul
2013-07-24 at 05:53
^Changed the title since spoiler-tagging your entire post would be counter-intuitive.

So yeah, Nakahiro (the writer, FYI) is a great moe writer with a good sense of humor and can pull off a nice romance, but on the other hand he is pretty much objectively horrible when it comes to writing a plot, drama or any sort of confrontation in this game. The events at the end of the common route are pretty much only the tip of the iceberg in that regard, so I would advise lowering your expectations on that front and reading for the comedy and the romance instead.

Also, there are two reasons Yoh pretty much *has* to forgive Kosame, narrative contrivances they might be: first off, it's the fact that her presence and goodwill is needed in Komomo's route (not to mention her own), and secondarily because this is a moege and so friendship and love is more important than common sense.

That said, the end of the common route was pretty WTF inducing, but it has nothing on the painfully rushed and pointlessly enraging drama of Aoi's route or the abject WTFness of the almost memetic "dead-mother-induced-time-travel" in the true ending.
#3 by thevsamovies
2013-07-24 at 06:05
Ah, thanks for helping me out with the title and editing. Also, thanks for the opinion, I'll lower my expectations now (lol).

Well you make a good point, and I'm glad someone else agrees with me here. Thanks man.
#4 by warfoki
2013-07-24 at 08:48
Also we have "space-microwaves-is-magic" here. Yeah, the VN would be all the better if the author wouldn't have tried to explain magic in the setting with really, REALLY stupid "science". -.-"

As for the sexual innuendo between the sisters, that'll kind of be explained in their routes.
#5 by aprilia1k
2019-08-12 at 08:49
Yeah - necro as all hell, but -- you visit these things at the time you complete (hopefully) the VN, after all. For me - that's just recently.

I just wanted to say that I have a huge, newfound respect for the author of #2 above. Very succinctly conveyed sentiments pretty much identical to my own regarding those matters. There may have been times I haven't been completely in agreement with gabe, but - these observations are as spot-on as the day they were typed 6+ years ago. Kudos.Last modified on 2019-08-12 at 08:57


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