Is this supposed to be a light-hearted game?

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#1 by tabasaki
2013-07-24 at 23:38
The lolis looks kyute, the pictures that are SFW look just look light-hearted (one of the girls is making that cute x face). Even the band-aid of the girl in the way left NSFW picture has one of those cute faces. The entire design just feels so... cheery.

It obviously isn't, of course, since Sexual Slavery is a 3.0.

It feels darker than most eroges the likes of the ones Lilith (Black Lilith, Lilith Soft, etc.) makes because the premise kinda sounds like the protag is trying to give these girls a better life. But does it by... making the orphanage into a brothel? What? That and because they're cute lolis I would feel no resentment towards (unlike the bitchiness of Asagi). It just feels more messed up.

Thoughts? Am I crazy?Last modified on 2013-07-24 at 23:38
#2 by sanahtlig
2013-07-24 at 23:51
The premise is that they're orphans who would otherwise be homeless on the street. Instead, they work for a living and live decently. You actually don't HAVE to make your own girls into whores.

But yes, obviously the premise is twisting reality to justify a child brothel. It's what eroge do. Since when does the boringly average male find himself surrounded by cute girls vying for his attention, not particularly bothered that all the other girls around him are doing the same?
#3 by tabasaki
2013-07-24 at 23:55
This one just seems to take it more far and away than any other eroge in that department, though.
#4 by pabloc
2013-07-25 at 08:37
I find that concept seriously disturbing.
And I agree with OP, it definitely seems much darker than some dumb ninja boob-monster whore I couldn't care less about getting raped silly by orcs and enjoying every second of it.

That interested me a bit though:
You actually don't HAVE to make your own girls into whores.
If not the main heroines, then I guess some other lolis will end up sold, right? Just how much of that whoring stuff is avoidable? Is it possible to finish the game without turning a single loli into a prostitute? Just curious.
Also, what's up with the "lesbian heroine" tag? If the protag is forcing a lesbian loli to sell her body to some random filthy males, I'm throwing this VN to the deepest abyss of my blacklist (despite my interest in disturbing stuff).
#5 by soketsu
2013-07-25 at 10:56
^I see. I thought you are just a lolicon. I guess it's time to grow up and call ourselves "loli-lovers".
#6 by vehn
2013-07-25 at 11:20
Aside the apparance, the game itself seems to be interesting and pretty darker than your typical moege. The lolis are ridiculous cute, I'll keep this eroge in consideration.
But what's up with the tags? Sexual Slavery? Looking the cover, I wouldn't give even a 1.0 to this. And that Prostitute Heroine tag seriously annoys me.
#7 by sanahtlig
2013-07-25 at 12:44
This thread actually made me dig up my save file to pick this up again (I'd dropped this halfway through almost 3 years ago because I wasn't terribly fond of the main heroines, and the gothloli is difficult to obtain on the first playthrough).

There's an ending list here: link

The premise is a bit dark but semi-believable. If you throw away your moral preconceptions it can be pretty sweet at times; the protagonist himself is a lolicon in denial and it's interesting to watch the veterans (including the gothloli) whittle away at him. Personally I find senseless violence much more offputting.

If you play games like Marunomi I really don't see why this game would be all that big a deal.Last modified on 2013-07-25 at 12:51
#8 by pabloc
2013-07-25 at 14:36
^ Senseless violence is fun. :P Though that depends on how senseless it is, beyond certain point it's just stupid.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of prostitution sims in general. Surreal, dark fantasies (tentacles, bugs, guro and stuff) are one thing, selling cute lolis to random NPC guys is a completely different issue. Semi-believable premise actually makes it worse. Perspective is also important - in Marunomi the protag was a (sorta) villainous monster. If the main character here was also evil, it would have been a different story. He seems like a non-villainous person though, that's just... wrong.

And (loli) lesbian that is somehow made to have sex with filthy male pigs is something I definitely cannot accept, it's the worst thing that can happen in eroge (though in case of utsuges that are supposed to make you feel like shit after all, something like that can be incredibly effective).

Well, from the guides and ending lists, it seems that this prostitution is avoidable to some extent. I'll keep this title in mind (in the "disturbing stuff" category).
#9 by rusanon
2013-07-25 at 14:46
This topic made me play it for a while. So far there's nothing "dark", lolis jump on protag to the point of reverse-rape, and overall tone despite wicked concept of loli brothel is quite fluffy.
#10 by ibis
2013-08-28 at 00:55
Ive only played karins route but the third scene with her wearing the face mask is pretty extreme. But again this scene is optional.
But what magusgs said about not actually having to make your girls whores isnt really true since you pretty much have to make one of them perform sex acts in order to pay off the debts. In order to get the girls true endings you have to do enough 調教 sessions with them to reach 1000 of their sex stat before some date, forget when.. Basically sex/slave training to make the girl good at whoring. Theoretically you could complete the game just using the seitai and part time work but in pratice itd be impossible without raising their sex stat to increase the seitai income since part time work just doesnt pay enough..Last modified on 2013-08-28 at 00:56
#11 by tomiku
2013-09-06 at 05:47
None of their routes are 'happy' by any means. In each of their routes something really bad happens to each of them.

The best ending is the one where you don't enter any of their personal routes and manage to pay all of their debts without whoring any of them off.
Its pretty much the only 'route' where none of them need to have sex with anyone except the main character.

Alas, if only this was a light-hearted game... but it made achieving this ending that much sweeter (though its not much of an ending).
#12 by sovapex
2015-08-26 at 22:08
Honestly, yes. It is pretty light hearted so far from what I'm playing. But I did come across a rather disturbing scene that featured an adult woman being gang-raped by thugs for what seems to be no reason, although my Japanese reading comprehension is not entirely high at this point. So, I wouldn't keep your hopes up that your precious Lolis will remain innocent and sweet. I can see something messed up happening.
But honestly, sex is sex... It's just a biological function. Clearly you're not against banging kids if you're already attracted to lolis. So you're going to have to throw away your uptight attitude if you want to be able to enjoy the game. Seriously, you're just wasting your time if you're not going to go all hardcore BDSM on your whores, and let a bunch of horse-hung yakuza do all kinds of things to them. The dark nature of the game was what led me to it, honestly. I prefer dark themes over light crap, so I'm kind of let-down by the atmosphere so far.

That being said, while I like the game, I can't stand the pushover protagonist or his very warped logic. That's the biggest issue for me. He's supposed to lead the brothel and he lets everyone walk all over him. I understand that this is an eroge and it's not supposed to be well-written, but this is a child brothel. This is FORCED prostitution. That's DARK. That would be dark if the cast were all grown ups. Yet, it takes him but two days to get over it. If I was suddenly put into that situation, even if I WAS a lolicon (which I am, just not your typical one) I'd be sitting around thinking of all the alternatives. So I hate the main character, basically.

So yeah. It's light, but only because it normalizes very messed up themes to meet the typical Lolicon target audience. If you're not ready for that, don't pick it up. I'm still waiting for the game that will take such controversial themes to the maximum.
#13 by sanahtlig
2015-08-27 at 00:01
Clearly you're not against banging kids if you're already attracted to lolis.
Quote of the year.
#14 by tabasaki
2015-08-29 at 05:46

The point I was trying to make, if I remember correctly (it's been 2 years), was that yes, this game is more dark than anything that actually tries to appear dark could ever hope to be. At least, on the outside. It's chilling to think about this game's story. I arrived at the same conclusion you did.

I haven't played this game. I actually only discovered it while browsing and thought I would comment. I can enjoy stuff like this, but it's not really a particular fetish of mine.
#15 by shinytentacool
2016-06-11 at 17:43
I too was wondering about the stark contrast in character interaction and the plot of the game.. It's like if a group of people were kidnapped and locked in the cell andall they did was eat cake and sing along

...I have not actually played the game. Because of that very reason. And also an HD version is coming out apparently
#16 by sovapex
2019-06-08 at 19:34
Okay, so, after playing the Translation, I gotta say that the tone is weird.

Majority of it is light hearted. That changes when you get to the endings. It turns into a whole different game in those scenes.
It's almost like the game normalizes child sex. The main character does kinda seem against it despite participating however. He's also a massive pussy, so.



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