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#1 by yorhel
2010-02-06 at 15:11
< report >Slowly but steadily, VNDB is getting some updates again...

- Notification system
This is a general system to be used for notifying users of, well, whatever there is to notify. The current system can give notifications for the following actions:
* PMs (posts in your discussion board)
* Deletion of database entries, targeted at anyone who has contributed to the entry or has it in his/her (wish)list.
* Edits of database entries, targeted at anyone who contributed to the entry (can be disabled)
* Site announcements (must be enabled first)
More options will be added in the future.

- Deleting and locking database entries is now versioned
Mods can now finally give a reason for deleting or locking entries, and these actions are also announced on the same places where the regular database edits are announced (edit histories, IRC, notification system)

- Improved styling of the screenshot viewer
- Improved date selector
- Release date for releases is now a mandatory field
- Limited the creation of top-level tags to moderators
- Differentiate between pt-PT and pt-BR (t423)
- Added Dutch translation of the user interface
- The usual amount of insignificant fixes and improvements
#2 by belgaesh
2010-02-06 at 18:39
< report >Thanks yorhel by your excellent work in updating vndb!
#3 by blackiris
2010-02-06 at 18:49
< report >
Thanks yorhel by your excellent work in updating vndb!
Nothing more to say.
#4 by winki-tyan
2010-02-06 at 18:55
< report >New date selectors are annoying though. -_-
#5 by mateka
2010-02-08 at 14:35
< report >notifications work flawlessly :D
#6 by chingaez
2010-02-14 at 01:25
< report >Hopefully more interesting and more info like
#7 by belgaesh
2010-02-14 at 01:59
< report >Maybe info in the prices of visual novels from,J-List, who knows.
#8 by icbk
2010-04-10 at 06:22
< report >On user page vn-list, are counters "buy/completed/all" for one title, but there aren't counters for summ of all VN's titles in user list.Last modified on 2010-04-10 at 06:24
#9 by djp2112
2010-04-22 at 01:54
< report >Is there any way you could design the tag system to see tag groups without child tags included?
#10 by sogetsu
2010-05-17 at 21:58
< report >We need a new platform: Game Boy / Game Boy Color. I found some VNs for GBC and added them to the db. I also added one N64 VN but I don't know if there are more (probably, there are).
#11 by chikan
2010-05-17 at 22:21
< report >^ There also isn't an Xbox (non-360) platform, there's at least one Xbox VN (r1702). Might not be enough to warrant adding a new platform, but it doesn't hurt.
#12 by koinodensetsu
2010-08-14 at 16:54
< report >Things I would like to see in a future update:

-Addition of all platforms - Really, all past game systems have probably had at least one visual novel on them. So there should be support for this.

-Sexual content being displayed alongside with "name", "developer", "time", etc. - If there is sexual content in any of the versions, tags relating to the sexual content would be in spoiler tags in one section. It would make browsing for wanted (or unwanted content, such as guro) much easier.

-Plot tags being added at the top of the screen like with my above request. (I really think the tags should be organized in different sections so that it would be more compact and easier for users to browse)

-Staff credits. (I think this is already getting taken care of though)

-Option to add youtube videos to opening movies and music.

-User review section.
#13 by koinodensetsu
2010-08-14 at 16:58
< report >(forgot some)

-Search engine incorporating length of game and genre.

-"Text size" section when uploading a new title. - It would not only be more helpful for those choosing new projects and knowing what to play, but would also make the "average length" section more accurate.
#14 by yorhel
2010-08-14 at 18:05
< report >Unfortunately, development on VNDB is currently rather dead. :-(
I hope to pick things up again in the future, though.

> Addition of all platforms
More platforms are getting added eventually

> Youtube
No. Partly because many of them eventually get deleted due to copyright violations (and keeping track of that is a waste of time), and partly because I simply don't believe that it's something VNDB should do. (And also partly because I'm an old-fashioned guy who doesn't like streaming audio/video)

> Staff credits.
> User review section.
> Improved tags organisation
> Search engine incorporating length of game
Already d8'ed

> and genre.
Advanced search has advanced tag filters, if that's what you mean.

> "Text size"
I don't see how that accuracy is really useful. See also t406 and link for a current project.
#15 by koinodensetsu
2010-08-14 at 20:49
< report >"> and genre.
Advanced search has advanced tag filters, if that's what you mean."

Yeah, I realize that. I was meaning that I think it would be helpful if individual tags were organized based on categories. (such as length, genre, etc.) But I guess this could be added if the tag organization gets improved in the future.

"> "Text size"
I don't see how that accuracy is really useful. See also t406 and link for a current project."

I think it is helpful because it gives a rough analysis on how long a VN is.
Plus, TLWiki only lists a few game's script sizes and doesn't give said data to potential TL groups that might be looking for a certain text size before starting a project.

But why has the site's development been halted? Is it just staff being too busy/lazy?
Anyway, hopefully development picks up in the future. I would like to see this site continue to grow.
#16 by izmosmolnar
2010-08-14 at 21:03
< report >1. No, current method is fine. If you can't use it well enough then I advise getting some basic familiarity with computers.
2. God no. I don't want people having no idea trying to guess scriptsizes based on their own experiences comparing with other games. Additionally you gotta have some hacking familiarity to a degree for accurate measures and know how to trim the scripts down only to text appearing ingame with no coding and speakertags whatsoever. This wouldn't be something that just anyone could fill out so easily.
>few game's scripts
151 scripts right now. If that's few for you then I don't wanna know what's many.
>doesn't give said data to potential TL groups that might be looking for a certain text size before starting a project.
My suggestion to acquire the data helping anyone deciding what to start:
"play the bloody game". Geez....
3. Yorhel is the only staff and he has a life irl too.Last modified on 2010-08-14 at 21:34
#17 by koinodensetsu
2010-08-15 at 00:10
< report >1. It's for speed and because it makes things more compact. Same reason to improve tag system.

2. There is a difference between guessing a script-size and finding out the actual size.
There are many more than 151 untranslated eroge.
#18 by wolfii
2010-08-15 at 00:41
< report >And do you know why it's "only" 151? Because they're fairly hard for non-programmers to get out and count.

The best advice I can tell you on this is: Download a VN, Get script, count lines, Go to TLWiki, Write it up. We won't do it because it's hard and helps nothing (people will still argue over length even with this)

And I agree with izmos. Someone wants to TL games by text length? Gosh, they should reconsider being a translator. For me translating was always about something I love, no matter the size.Last modified on 2010-08-15 at 00:41
#19 by ishino123
2010-08-27 at 07:13
< report >thanks for update, good job.
#20 by nayru
2010-09-10 at 11:59
< report >Thanks for updating, it's appreciated!
#21< report >Post deleted.


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