Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 Review

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#1 by bookwormotaku
2013-08-13 at 03:43
Here's my review for the second entry in the Kyonyuu Fantasy series:

#2 by tiglath
2013-08-13 at 09:08
It could also be noted that Elicia is voiced by the same VA as Luceria, kyonyuu princess from the first game.

I recently got into habit of checking VAs of VNs I play and looking for other characters they voiced. I was surprised more than once when some heroines that sounded completely different turned out to have the same VA.
#3 by bookwormotaku
2013-08-13 at 14:07
Missed that one, thanks for the info :)
#4 by ybk
2013-08-17 at 01:32
Are you planning to review Kyonyuu Majo?
#5 by bookwormotaku
2013-08-17 at 01:54
Yes. I'm currently playing it, though it'll be a while till I finish it on account of my having alot of other games (mainly Tales of Xillia, Xenoblade, Harukoi, Tsujidou-san no Junai Road, and Dragon's Crown) to play.
#6 by ybk
2013-08-17 at 05:14
Cool. I'll look out for it.
#7 by bookwormotaku
2014-01-27 at 02:36
Here's a review of a little expansion to KF2:



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