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#1 by matthewy9
2013-08-14 at 14:25
Can somebody recommend me a visual novel with the same kind of artwork and aspect ratio as steins; gate? Or am I the only one here who likes the kind of grainy effect used?
#2 by girlplayer
2013-08-16 at 07:38
Modern VNs uses widescreen 16:9 now. Some uses 1024x576, but some uses 1280x720. If i remember correctly, light's (producer) games uses 1920x1280

For the grainy art....i never stumbled upon a VN that uses this kind of art other than S;G series...

As for my opinion for the art, i loved it. I loved huke's grainy style.Last modified on 2013-08-16 at 07:41
#3 by matthewy9
2013-08-16 at 16:55
icic, too bad most good modern vn's aside from steins gate don't have english patches :s oh well, I guess its just that steins gate is an exceptionally good game :D
#4 by girlplayer
2013-08-17 at 11:38
Yep. Steins Gate is one of the exceptionally good modern English-translated VNs


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