Akane Route Questions

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#1 by izalith
2013-08-24 at 00:33

My Japanese is not very good, so I'm wondering if anyone can help me with some questions I have of Akane's route.

1) What exactly happened in their youth? I heard Kyoji was forced to have sex with Akane, but they ended up not doing it in the end?

2) What relationship does Akane have with Sadashima? It seems they have some kind of secret they're keeping from Kyouji?

3) During one of the H-scenes, Kyouji says that Akane was a virgin up until yesterday? Which doesn't make sense, as weren't they forced to have sex in their childhood? Also, there was no mention of blood or virginity elsewhere in yesterday's H-scene, which makes Kyouji's comment even more confusing.

Thanks for your help.
#2 by tyr
2013-08-24 at 09:06
1) Yeah, this confused me too. As far as I remember they were forced to have sex as a kind of childish prank but it somehow stopped before he actually entered her.
At first I thought this would be a cheap way to establish a dark past without violating the unwritten rule that all eroge heroines must be virgins, but now I think the importance of this event from the past is not the event itself but the psychological development it triggered for Akane.
Gore summarized it in his little play. Akane lusted after Kyouji but thought it is somehow slutty because she shouldn't feel this way after a semi-rape event.
Like every interesting girl out there she started to develop a disturbed perception of her sexuality. I think this is what her character and that event in her past is about.

2) I don't remember a secret between Akane and Sadashima. I think Akane is just a little bit naive and believes Sadashima would be a decent guy and somehow a valid alternative to Kyouji. Of course, this is just a denial of and escape from her true feelings toward Kyouji.

3) In spite of all three heroines being virgins, there is no virginity blood on the H-CGs in Gore Screaming Show.
#3 by izalith
2013-08-24 at 12:06

That cleared up a lot.

While I found the Akane route okay, it could have explained more about Yuka and Gore.

Anyway, Yoshiki is a badass, guy had his arm blown off and still managed to keep himself alive to give Kyouji his pendant. Fight against Yuka/Gore was so one-sided =( .

Something strange: On a Japanese website I found, it is claimed that Yuka is a virgin? Despite raping Yoshiki? Does what happens to Yoshiki differ depending on the route picked?
#4 by tyr
2013-08-25 at 07:12
Don't worry, Yuka will get all the screen time she deserves.
The three character routes are more about the other three characters, not the mystery.
Try to enjoy the romance, the mystery will come after that.

And yes, the second half of the game (after visiting the mansion) is very different in every route.

I guess technically Yuka is indeed still a virgin, but she certainly doesn't behave that way ^^
The true answer is a little bit more complicated.


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