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#1 by takata
2013-08-26 at 15:43
< report >I notice that you sometimes reupload character images several times until you get them to be 300x256. What strategy do you use to get them to be this size? I don't see how it would take several attempts... O.o?
#2 by binfujiwara
2013-08-26 at 17:05
< report >Umm... I upload a relatively narrow image with a white background, then it gets resized automatically when I upload it.* Then I add the extra white pixels to make its width reach 256. If the image doesn't have a plain background, well, then it's much harder. The good news is that I do know how to make them be 256x300 when I upload them, but it's easier for me to do this the way I do it now. I know it's a pretty lazy method. I guess that haters gonna hate. Seriously though, should I refrain from doing that from now on?

*EDIT: I also change the frame until I like the quality, and only then add the extra pixels. This is why I sometimes upload the same picture more than twice.Last modified on 2013-08-26 at 17:27
#3 by takata
2013-08-26 at 18:00
< report >It just seems like an odd method to me, since it seems slower, and a slight waste of storage space, not that you'd ever be able to run vndb out of storage space... O.o

Sometimes I have to upload images more than once because I can't predict how the downsizer and png->jpeg converter will handle small features in the images.

-shrug- Use whichever method you like. O.oLast modified on 2013-08-26 at 18:04


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