Negai no Kakera to Hakugin no Agreement: comments

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#1 by clephas
2013-09-03 at 03:49
First, I'll say this game didn't live up to my expectations. In comparison to previous Propeller games, this game is of far lower quality and has a far more shallow story and characters. So for those who are thinking of playing this because they like Propeller's games, I'd suggest either changing your expectations and choosing to see the game for itself, or I suggest not playing it at all, if you cannot do that.

First, the plot... to be honest, the plot is horribly paced. It moves way too fast and character development is relatively limited. Characters all of the sudden make choices and become psychologically stronger even though it should have taken them a lot longer to adjust. In comparison to the average VN, it is still well-written... but the game feels like it was given less than half the budget of any of the previous games by this company. If the story had been stretched out to three to six months, rather than taking place in a single month, it would have made a lot more sense.

Visually, this game is quite pretty - even if it fails to match previous Propeller games - and the character designs are pleasantly unique. The CGs aren't particularly creative, but they are well-done enough that I have few complaints in this area.

As for the sound... the music in this game is 'ok' which basically means it fails to match up to either of the two most recent Propeller action VNs in quality. There aren't any truly resounding tracks that strike to the heart, nor was the choice of music matched to individual scenes better than accurate.

However, despite how much I bashed the game, the fact remains it IS a decent VN, if taken for itself. It is just a huge disappointment if you consider the company that produced it. This game does have a number of really good cathartic moments (particularly as you get to the endgame) that can slam you pretty hard, but they lack the sheer exhilarating beauty that defined such moments in previous games by this company.
#2 by azrael
2013-11-30 at 16:52
so I guess that this VN has been a huge disappointment ehh.
I will give it a try regardless. xP
#3 by rinchan3853
2017-04-16 at 06:32
Why review a visual novel that wasn't even in English at the time of this review? If you don't understand Japanese then it would be pointless to play it.
#4 by pendelhaven
2017-04-17 at 04:11
says the person necro-ing the thread
#5 by silvercover
2017-09-01 at 15:32
maybe its not as great as the previous games they made but still pretty great and much better than a whole lot of other VNs pumped out
#6 by pendelhaven
2017-09-01 at 18:58
for yurifans at least.

disregarding that, the entire point of the "war" is lost on me.
>join this war
>you'll figure out until further plot developments
>until then, you have to kill for us

it also doesn't help that they have to kill each other as episode 12 rolls in.

like, great way to deliver a story huh?Last modified on 2017-09-01 at 18:58
#7 by silvercover
2017-09-02 at 14:23
you're having a hard time figuring it out? its the classic "only one person can win/survive" shit that some stories take.

also its fairly common for the true purpose and reasons to be hidden til later on, I don't see what's the problem of them not telling you exactly what's happening? do you need to be spoon fed the whole reasons and no secrets for a story?

oh and funny you bring up yuri, when there's a yuri anime that also uses the same twist: mai-hime has the girls, after they already defeated their "enemies", being forced to fight each other until one is left, in order to prevent the world from being destroyedLast modified on 2017-09-02 at 14:35
#8 by pendelhaven
2017-09-02 at 23:50
even with that spoiler it doesn't make sense. Why would our MC, being the normalfag that she is, has any thing to do with this war? if they can't tell me why, I can't connect to this "war". what's it in me? why put myself in obvious danger if I don't even know what's the goal?

guess there's a reason why I'm not a yurifagLast modified on 2017-09-02 at 23:55
#9 by silvercover
2017-09-03 at 01:08
it has nothing to do with being a yurifag or anything, thats pretty damn common?

hello? have you not watched any kind of series where the MC is either normal or oblivious/innocent but still forced into the fights?

and if you had the attention spam to actually read the dialogue, its already made clear that Mina has a couple of reasons to be involved, one of which is cause her friends could die without her help, and if they lose she becomes a doll without any sense of self that could just easily be killed in the future by any of the other girls. oh and there's still the chance you'll get killed even if you refuse to fight, did you miss the part where one of the girls attacked Mina while she was on the train along with other normal people on board?
#10 by pendelhaven
2017-09-03 at 02:01
did you miss the part where one of the girls attacked Mina while she was on the train along with other normal people on board?

wow, you had to mention it before I remember. glad to know, maybe I'll pick this up again after some time.
#11 by kiru
2017-09-03 at 07:34
Don't tell me this is one of those few VNs, where you actually have to pay attention and not every single little thing is repeated 20 times? That explains its rating. It's so uncommon, a surprising amount of people can't handle it anymore. Kinda understandably, but also kinda sad where all the padding and useless text so common in the medium has lead us.Last modified on 2017-09-03 at 07:35
#12 by pendelhaven
2017-09-03 at 09:17
^ you're making it more complicated than it seems.

maybe it's just me but the VN can't really grab my attention plus I do find myself alt-tabbing a lot which for me is a bad sign. maybe it's the overused cliche omg my circle of friends is getting victimized! I have to do something!!! I dunno.
#13 by kiru
2017-09-03 at 10:04
I haven't read this, but I've seen exactly that happening with a title a while ago. Fast pace and information not repeated a ton of times for the heck of it, and there you go: Hate review on EGS which was about 90% wrong. This now simply reminded me a bit of that.

So, it's not about complicated. It's really just about information density and repetition. If you don't pay attention and miss 3 lines, and that's a small plot-hole for you after that, that's fairly untypical for eroge. In fact, there are enough eroge, where you can randomly hold ctrl and miss nothing. If there was something important and that matters at some point, you'll probably get it explained again. Just like there are enough where you can skip a whole plot arc from start to finish, and haven't missed a thing either. Inconsequential drama and status quo are big. (also popular, though I don't like that stuff)
edit: And if you read a lot of that stuff, people get used to it. Which can lead to funny things.Last modified on 2017-09-03 at 10:06
#14 by silvercover
2017-09-03 at 11:19
err what? I already told you that there's more to the situation than just what you mentioned in your spoiler. the protagonist risks being turned into a doll if their side loses and like I just said even if she doesn't have the will or want to fight, she can still be targeted which actually happens later on.

you just really need to I dunno, stop alt tabbing? at that point you can only blame yourself not the game.
#15 by silvercover
2017-09-19 at 03:15
hmm you know actually, now that I think some more, there's a lot of similarities with Madoka Magica.

in particular, how the protagonist ends up essentially becoming a god and remaking the world which also ends up bringing the people who died back to lifeLast modified on 2017-09-19 at 03:15
#16 by asaki
2017-09-19 at 07:05
@15 I agree with you there, and in fact I even make a parody title for this with 'Puella Magi Mina Magica' because the similarities with Madoka - also because the protagonist here is Mina obviously
#17 by rick12
2019-09-07 at 20:02
@15 and 16 Ha, that's true. Though I'm a bit confused at the True Ending though. Is the Mina we see at the end when she introduced herself the current Mina or a new existence that retained her form and name? Kind of confusing right there.


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