Guilty Crown Lost Christmas review

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#1 by terrorking
2013-09-11 at 15:11
I wanted to play it for a long time and now I had the opportunity to finally play Guilty Crown Lost Christmas.
Guilty Crown Lost Christmas is a visual novel developed by Nitroplus, one of my favorite visual novel companies. This visual novel is intended to be a prequel/spin off of the, may I say overrated, anime series Guilty Crown.
I personally didn’t really enjoyed the anime series, after the anime finished I was full of questions that never got answered... when I read that a VN was in production I hoped that a lot of my questions will finally get an answer.
The story take place in 2029, 10 years before the start of the anime’s storyline, and covers what happens during the “Lost Christmas” incident. The main character is Scrooge (not Shu), a man used as test subject that managed to escape from the facility, with the main female character, Carol.
While playing you will follow what happens to them, encountering your main enemies: Present and Past, up until the lost Christmas incident meeting some of the familiar characters from the anime.
Since the story is set at Christmas, you can see the names of the characters as a tribute to “A Christmas carol”, you will encounter Present (she presents herself as a Christmas ghost), Past and at the end you will go against “Yet to come” (or the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come) that can be considered the big final boss of the game.
The main characters in the visual novel have a very well drawn personality.
Scrooge is a cold hearted superhuman, he knows what he want and he take it, of course during the VN you might choose different approaches to a situation via the choices, but in this case I’m referring to the true ending therefore to what the creator might have intended for his character.
Carol character seems almost to have a split personality, she seems the cute type of character but she likes the blood and destruction that Scrooge’s actions cause near her. She almost seems to encourage Scrooge to kill everything in his path.
Present is almost the perfect character in the story, she is a beautiful and strong enemy. The way she is draw in the CG reflects is character perfectly. Also she and Carol’s backstories are beautiful and well integrated in the plot.
The visual novel don’t focus on other new characters, Past is not really a main character and not much is said about him, although he have some relation with other character (I’m trying to avoid too many spoilers).
Previously I said new because we also have cameos of Guilty Crown original characters: Ouma Haruka, Yuu, Mana, Shu and Gai (this VN adds some aspects to his background that are pretty interesting) with an extensive appearance of Kurosu Ouma (Shu’s father) who helps you understand better some aspects of the story.
Graphics wise the visual novel looks pretty good, the menus style fits the theme of the VN in its sci-fi look.
The CG are drawn very well, Chuou Higashiguchi’s art style is different from the one used in the Guilty Crown’s anime, but it will grow on you pretty fast. Also something that you won’t see very often in a visual novel are the beautiful backgrounds with a lot of details.
Also this VN, like other more recent VN, has animations. In this case we talk about characters transitions, with basic animations, and cut-scenes, with an anime style animation, during the visual novel.
The sounds (I’m not talking about the soundtrack) sometimes have some problems, some of the sounds are not very well done and might be annoying when they loop because you are reading some of the text.
The music is for the most part the same one of the anime, I know that the ending is not used in the anime but I can’t be sure due to the lack of a music gallery. The only thing that I’m sure of is that I spent a lot of time listening to the acoustic version of Bios (because I got stuck for almost half hour on one particular choice in the game) and I finally realized that the lyrics are in German…
Upon completion you will unlock the CG gallery and a secret extra section.
On a final word I enjoyed the visual novel more than the anime series. It has good action scenes and an interesting story that doesn’t revolutionize the original work and offer a good side story to those that did not like the anime.
Unfortunately this visual novel did not answered to the question that I had at the end of the anime, but it was time well spent… at this regard a disappointing aspect of the visual novel is the length, completing this visual novel took me 7 hours (8 hours for a full completion), on a bright side you can consider this visual novel as a long anime where every episode last an hour.
If I should give a vote to Guilty Crown Lost Christmas I would give it a 7/10

Story: 7
Characters: 8
CG/Animation: 8
Sounds/Music: 7
Personal Enjoyment: 7

Original review with images on my blog: here
#2 by gray
2013-09-20 at 00:11
can you give me a walkthrough for the true ending? thank you
#3 by zero12349
2013-09-20 at 18:00
^ Are you for damn real?
#4 by gerardlonewolf
2013-09-20 at 18:13
There are people (although I'm reluctant to acknowledge them as human beings) asking for Boob Wars walkthrough before, so this is hardly surprising.
#5 by chipp12
2013-10-31 at 10:36
#6 by tweek91330
2013-11-16 at 22:04
It was a good read, i just finished it and it was definitely better than the anime.
#7 by bunny1ov3r
2015-02-21 at 14:31
The basic thing to keep in mind when playing the game is that if you want to see the true end, always do the "good" things (usually means refraining from slaughtering people, unless they are doing bad things).


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