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#1 by ierikokatsurag
2010-02-11 at 04:24
Anyone know where I can find the version compatible with the english patch, better yet, one already patch?
#2 by hikigane
2010-02-11 at 05:07
1. Don't double post.

If you intend to get it legaly then just google for some importer. There is tons of them.

If not

2. We don't host, neither point towards any place were you might get some copyrighted file ilegaly.Last modified on 2010-02-11 at 05:07
#3 by azusa-nakano
2012-04-14 at 23:04
legaly lol good one
#4Post deleted.
#5 by pabloc
2014-09-26 at 18:02
2+ year necro.
Link to illegal download.
Utterly retarded attitude in general.
Wow, I'm quite impressed.
#6 by flare
2014-09-26 at 18:06
Wow, I'm quite impressed.
lol Me too - at your tough-man attitude to size me up as "retarded". Impressive. What's next? "Faggot"? "Moron"? Any other generic insults? C'mon, I'm waiting for your next grand show!

Still, not quite as impressive as mocking the legality of things on the net, but eh, good enough, boy.Last modified on 2014-09-26 at 18:07
#7 by rusanon
2014-09-26 at 18:06
So you necro'ed 4 year old thread just to break rules and post illegal link?
lol Me too - at your tough-man attitude to size me up as "retarded". Impressive.
Sorry, but you are indeed retarded. Its a fact.Last modified on 2014-09-26 at 18:07
#8 by flare
2014-09-26 at 18:08
So you necro'ed 4 year old thread just to break rules and post illegal link?
Ikr? Gives you a warm feeling inside.

Sorry, but you are indeed retarded. Its a fact.
Eh, the definition is subjective, but you go on ahead and think so. I see it as a personal enjoyment to pass the time but... *shrugs* I guess some people do see it as a mental condition. It's an insult to real retarded people, but whatever, you take in the little pleasures like insulting retarded children I guess. Can't blame a man for being a hedonist like me.Last modified on 2014-09-26 at 18:11
#9 by pabloc
2014-09-26 at 18:13
Heh, somebody really wants to take a very close look at the banhammer.
#10 by flare
2014-09-26 at 18:16
Heh, somebody really wants to take a very close look at the banhammer.

Oh, he've said it! He pulled out the "Banhammer" threat! OHHHH I'm shaking in my booties! Golly, what am I ever gonna do?!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!

Oh dear god, you killed me there. Really. lmao Oh man... Phew.

...but really, you were serious? lol No no, I've laughed enough for a day, thank you.

Banhammer. Heh heh heh... God, the day I care about bans and forums... Ho boy. What a joke.

You know, I've seen some pretty generic comebacks - not that mine are anything to write home about, of course - but that banhammer... god, you really got me there. Oh man, how can anyone say something so retarded?! OOPS! MY BAD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ahhh... there's nothing more pleasurable than being honest on the Internet. What a great invention. Proxies and alternate accounts too. Woo, I can't fucking wait. Got me shaking in my jingles!

In short, there's not a single damn thing you can do to me that I haven't seen and dismissed like an annoying fly in the soup, flicked away just like that. Banhammers and Internet? Son, you're dreaming; the Internet is a free fucking country, boy. What are you gonna do? Take my Internet access away? Yeah, good luck boy.Last modified on 2014-09-26 at 18:33
#11 by cross
2014-09-26 at 19:29
Gaben is sleeping, as it seems. Nice to see a flamelord after such a long period of decay here. So please: burn everything to ashes, sweet prince^^ Why was Moogy banned again? Time for a campaign.

#12 by tyr
2014-09-26 at 20:19
At least I had a decent conversation with flare once, while with moogy all you ever got is a trolling ... not always a good trolling, mind you.

Also, funny to see that it is you who starts the free moogy campaign.
Guilty conscience because it was your taunt that got moogy banned?Last modified on 2014-09-26 at 20:21
#13 by warfoki
2014-09-26 at 20:24
Don't. even start. Just... don't.
#14 by cross
2014-09-26 at 20:55
Gaben had a bad day and Moogy bumped into him at the worst time. I never wanted him to go, nobody could rile people up as fast as he could. I mean look at VDBN, when I came on today the last post was 7 hours ago...7 fucking hours, that's not "slow moving" as Gaben puts it, that's clinical dead.

We need Moogy to have a funny ride with the trollercoaster of flame. That's why #freemoogy.Last modified on 2014-09-26 at 20:57
#15 by pabloc
2014-09-26 at 21:40
^ Yeah, because flood of uncivilized, dumb and completely meaningless posts is better than less frequent comments that actually might be worth reading... Do you have too much time on your hands and like to waste it on reading BS?

Also, Moogy was working for that ban for a really long time. But well, his trolling was at least semi-decent quality most of the time. This thing here doesn't even qualify as trolling, it's just pure stupidity. And the mildly annoying kind to boot, not the slightly entertaining one.Last modified on 2014-09-26 at 21:41
#16 by gabezhul
2014-09-26 at 21:41
... Cute thread. Too tired to really appreciate. Hard to laugh at the moment. I can still swing the hammer though, it's not my arm that hurts. Goodbye Flare and have a nice day.
#17 by eacil
2014-09-27 at 01:48
Oh, one, two, three active threads linked to Taimanin Asagi! It's rare! So, what interesting debate is going on?
(read the first)
(read the second)
(read the third)
Oh, well...
#18 by pendelhaven
2014-09-27 at 06:10
Was my triggering his conscience too effective I wonder?

also is this just me or is gabe starting to feel the sting of old age? not a good sign when moderating things imo. old people tend to have their heads go aflame easily.

inb4 and people wonder in my locality why I don't respect old people...Last modified on 2014-09-27 at 06:14
#19 by renn
2014-09-27 at 07:24
I just checked how Moogy got banned and it was fucking hilarious. I wonder if i mention jew one more time again i will suffer the same fate as Moogy?

Well, this Flare guy is a real nutjob but don't you think it's too fast to ban him? Moogy perma ban is also ridiculous. I never know vndb mod is a tempramental SJW retard who perma ban people who insult a certain religious group in a ghostown forum.
#20 by asaki
2014-09-27 at 08:31
@18 well if you becoming old sometimes you will sometimes regret many stupidity you've done in the past. So does people who about to be old will be more sensitive about flame. Sorry beforehand but I think I 'm getting old too. By the way i think you better don't respond @19 though.

Anyway sorry to interfere again, but I think this thread is already a necro from 4 years full with useless discussion and regarding how to get the game there should be many way as long as there is internet, and the game it's not worth it though( but if you like it I will hold no grudge though), so the permanent solution would be just close this thread before things go awry like earlier posts though. I'm made this request especially to admin before many useless post like @19 writingLast modified on 2014-09-27 at 13:54
#21 by renn
2014-09-27 at 09:11
You disgust me kid. "I'm sorry for barging~~" "I'm sorry to interfere~~" this forum is not an office meeting. Why the hell are you getting so polite for?

Useless discussion this~ useless discussion that, fuck you. It's not like vndb forum has much discussion to begin with. How about you start something that worth to be discussed , if you hate useless discussion so much? I'm just expressing my criticism about how idiotic it is to ban someone from posting in vndb forum merely because he rub your SJW sense in a wrong way.
#22 by yorhel
2014-09-27 at 09:24
@renn: Flare got banned because he almost literally asked for it. Though a tempban sounds more reasonable for a first-time offender.

Moogy got banned because he is unable to argue with people without throwing insults around. It's not a one-time thing, he happens to do that in like half of his posts. The other half he's actually a pretty sensible guy, if only he wasn't such a dick.

I don't know if Gabe is an SJW, but the purpose of banning people is to keep things civil here. This may be some obscure internet forum, but that doesn't mean this is the place to post garbage and insult random people. We've got enough crappy communities on the net already.
#23 by gabezhul
2014-09-27 at 10:57
You know, this whole "SJW" thing just baffles me. On another forum I was a misogynistic pig for daring to use the term in any conjunction of the whole "GamerGate" hubbub, and now I am suddenly a SJW for nipping inflammatory remarks in the bud when they happen to relate to race/religion (no Renn, I don't care if it was "just a joke" in that other thread). Got to wonder just what the hell that term means at this point...

As for Flare's ban, as Yorhel said, the guy literally asked for it. Also, he did post a download link, which is directly against d6#5. Taken that it was mentioned in this very thread that it is against our policy AND that he already had an old recommendation thread under his belt, I really don't think banning him at this point was an overreaction. Not to mention, taken the manner of his exit, I have a feeling he won't miss us, nor will we miss him.

Speaking of which, Renn: I will be honest; with your repeated outbursts, I wouldn't be missing you either. Please keep pushing buttons and give me an excuse. Thanks in advance. :P
#24 by overmage
2014-09-27 at 13:43
this thread should just be closed like #20 said imho
#25 by gabezhul
2014-09-27 at 15:29
Meh, might as well. I am busy anyways, one less thing to keep track of. Lock and have a nice day.


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