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#1 by Yorhel
2013-09-16 at 11:16
< report >Bumping t2316 after all this time feels a bit inappropriate, and doing a new minor version update for smallish updates is a bit overkill, so I'll create a separate thread (this one) to announce various small site updates.

Last Saturday:
- Two new languages can be selected: Arabic (t4247) and Hebrew
- Four new platforms: Game Boy Color, PC-88, PC-FX and XBOX (t3660.3)

Just now:
- Added 960x600 resolutionLast modified on 2013-09-16 at 13:49
#2 by takata
2013-09-16 at 13:38
< report >Still, I thought this would fit better under the announcements board, even if you didn't increment the version number to 2.23.

I am surprised that even a single Arabic VN exists. o.o
#3 by Yorhel
2013-09-16 at 13:50
< report >
Still, I thought this would fit better under the announcements board
Hmm, I suppose. Moved. Problem is that threads can't get stickied or bumped in the announcement board. But new posts will bump the thread on the recent activity lists anyway.
#4 by eiesoldar
2013-09-18 at 22:32
< report >What about Sharp X68000 and FM Towns? There're much more VNs on these platforms comparing to GBC and Xbox.
#5 by ffthewinner
2013-10-19 at 17:02
< report >@2:i am arabic and i am surprised a lot too 0_0.
#6 by space-ranger
2013-10-19 at 23:57
< report >Another interesting question is how languages are added. I don't mean the technical part (we can all read the source), but I wonder why some of the languages are added. I made a quick check and it revealed 4 languages you can search for, but no releases use them (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Ukrainian). There might be more as I skipped a number of languages and only searched for the most likely to be empty. I'm not saying they should be removed, it's just that I'm a bit puzzled by adding unused options.

What about Sharp X68000 and FM Towns?
FM Towns is actually interesting. From what I have seen, games ported to FM Towns had better graphics than the Amiga version and audio didn't appear bad either. The amiga seriously ruled compared to dos as it can be seen in this youtube video. FM Towns could be a good choice if you want to go retro gaming, providing you can get the hardware/find some emulator.
#7 by anonymous
2013-10-20 at 03:56
< report >There's one Finnish release in the DB, r26762, as well as a TBA Ukranian project, r29973. Don't know if there's a specific reason the others were added to the language list.Last modified on 2013-10-20 at 04:00
#8 by space-ranger
2013-10-20 at 20:02
< report >We just uncovered a bug.
r26762 is in Finnish
v8038 is in Chinese and Japanese only
r26762 is a release for v8038 and as such v8038 should be available in Finnish as well.

Needless to say I searched VNs and you searched releases for those languages.

I think it is just a matter of an out of date cache, but then the bug is a failure to update the cache when it needs updating. Luckily the data in the database is repairable as it is possible to update the languages of all VNs using a script, which reads the languages from the releases. However it can happen again unless the cause of the desync is fixed.
#9 by Yorhel
2013-10-21 at 06:36
< report >That's intentional. A trial release doesn't make the entire VN available in a certain language. (Same for releases with a date in the future)
Furthermore, neither release is linked to a producer, so there's nothing to display on the aggregate "developer" and "publisher" listing on the VN page.Last modified on 2013-10-21 at 07:23
#10 by Yorhel
2013-11-25 at 16:59
< report >Update 2.22-95: The "copy" tab is now invisible to users who haven't made any edits before yet. I hope this brings down the accidental release entries created by people who seem to mistake what the "copy" tab is for.Last modified on 2013-11-25 at 16:59
#11 by takata
2013-11-25 at 19:37
< report >^Oh, so that's how "new release based on ..." entries got created. I didn't notice that until now. >.< Ended up just using the "Add Release" tab.
#12 by ds1150
2013-11-25 at 20:45
< report >@takata, wow, I can't live without the copy function, I can't imagine having to add every release from sratch...

@yorhel, I remember accidentally using the copy function instead of editing an existing entry or vise-versa, even despite the big warning texts :(
#13 by warfoki
2013-11-25 at 20:52
< report >^Happens to every active contributor once in a while, I've done that a few times myself.
#14 by space-ranger
2013-11-26 at 21:05
< report >
@yorhel, I remember accidentally using the copy function instead of editing an existing entry or vise-versa, even despite the big warning texts :(
I once hit edit instead of reply on a forum. When I realized it I thought people would hate me, but it would appear that admins have a right to screw people over and ruin their posts ???
At least VNDB saves previous versions meaning the error can be corrected. I'm not sure there is anything to do other than revert when people screw up like that. After all eliminating human errors is kind of hard unless we disallow human access.
#15 by Yorhel
2014-08-21 at 08:02
< report >Minor update, after all that time.
- New language: Romanian.

Really should have done this earlier...
#16 by Yorhel
2014-08-29 at 08:58
< report >Two secury updates:
- Improved CSRF protection for the account creation, login and password reset forms.
- Failed login attempts are now throttled. If you get your password wrong more than 10 times in a single day, your IP will be temporarily blocked from more login attempts.

Oh, and the login form doesn't display on every page anymore if you're not logged in. The menu just links to the relevant forms now.Last modified on 2014-08-29 at 09:00
#17 by Yorhel
2014-09-04 at 06:17
< report >Experimenting with some minor adjustments in the popularity calculation now. Don't be too surprised when the rankings suddenly change a bit.
#18 by Yorhel
2014-09-15 at 12:17
< report >Some people experienced problems with the login, password reset and account creation forms after my update in #16. I've hopefully fixed that now.
#19 by Yorhel
2014-10-12 at 06:42
< report >Two new platforms: PS4 and Xbox One (t5790).
#20 by Yorhel
2015-02-03 at 10:24
< report >A small change to the boards: Users are now not allowed to edit their posts on the boards when it's older than a week. It's really quite annoying when people remove their posts and make an older thread impossible to follow.
#21 by Yorhel
2015-07-21 at 10:42
< report >Some new display options have been added to the "edit profile" page:
- The default selection of "summary / all" on VN pages
- The default selection of visible tag categories on VN pages
- The default spoiler level

The visible tag categories and spoiler level was previously saved in your browser as a cookie every time you changed it. This behaviour has been disabled now, and the only way to permanently change the view is from your profile page. You can now safely switch to "show major spoilers" mode temporarily on a page without worrying that everything everywhere suddenly shows you major spoilers.
#22 by roadi
2015-07-21 at 21:02
< report >@yorhel:
Great update; thank you for that. :) Only you might want to consider adding some sort of 'tip' as in "use ctrl+click to toggle", as this might not be clear on its own.Last modified on 2015-07-21 at 21:04
#23 by Yorhel
2015-10-03 at 10:02
< report >Update 2.24-144:
I rewrote the screenshot uploader. It looks and behaves pretty much the same as the old one, with a minor difference: You can now select multiple files when uploading new screenshots. On the downside, I probably broke compatibility with some old browsers. From what I read, IE 9 and lower won't work.

I also made some more changes to the internal form validation code, so I might have broken more than only the screenshot uploader. Please report anything that seems weird.
#24 by silence
2015-11-01 at 13:06
< report >Guys, what have you done with screenshot viewer? When clicking on the picture, it just opens that picture directly.
#25 by Yorhel
2015-11-01 at 13:08
< report >Oh, right. I forgot to regenerate the JS and CSS. Refresh pls.