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#26 by Yorhel
2015-11-11 at 15:09
< report >Some updates of two days ago:
- Added language filter to staff browser
- Added 'has screenshots' filter to VN browser
- Full date+time are displayed on the edit history and thread listings

And we have a new feature: You can now add a poll to a thread.
#27 by silence
2015-11-20 at 12:59
< report >We now have "You may choose up to X options" and "X vote total" information about the poll. But I believe that the information about the possibility of re-voting is very important as well. Can you add it?

Also, there are the cases, when you want to make a poll for the best characters or routes, but some of them are spoilerish, so can you think about spoiler-dependent poll?
For example, the one who create a poll will allocate the choices between 3 boxes: one for non-spoiler, one for minor spoiler, and one for major spoiler choices. The users would chose the spoiler level from "no-spoiler" (by default) to minor or major spoiler (and, maybe, even change the spoiler level by default in their own profile).

Another variant is when a poll-maker will mark the "SPOILERS IN THE POLL" checkbox, so the users will get the "THIS POLL HAS SPOILERS" message with [OK]/[RETURN] buttons, when they're trying to access this page.
#28 by wakaranai
2015-11-20 at 13:29
< report >@yorhel it's ironic how less features are significantly easier for maintenance. give people just a finger, and they'll inevitably ask for the whole arm ^_^
#29 by Yorhel
2015-11-20 at 16:31
< report >I've no intention to expand the poll feature. It's a bit limited, but it's enough for most scenarios, so deal with it. :-)
#30 by silence
2015-11-20 at 17:51
< report >T_T
#31 by Yorhel
2015-11-26 at 01:49
< report >Minor update 2.25-31:
I've merged the staff tab on the main VN pages, and changed the styling of the staff info a bit. It may look a bit awkward because I'm pretty terrible at design, so feedback welcome.
#32 by venomg3
2015-11-26 at 01:54
< report >did this update mess up the character tab/page i cant seem to get to them anymoreLast modified on 2015-11-26 at 01:54
#33 by nekoyasha
2015-11-26 at 02:00
< report >That's going to take a little getting used to, but let's see. And yes, the character tab is broken.
#34 by wakaranai
2015-11-26 at 02:03
< report >@yorhel regarding cast section, what do you think of my old proposal (link)? i still have code for it somewhere and i might update it for current site version. it would require creating character thumbnail images though, and i'm not sure how to organize it better (probably an image from the last revision should be taken as thumbnail source and "cached"). or ditch those images, it might look ok even without them.
#35 by Yorhel
2015-11-26 at 02:10
< report >Oops, fixed the character tab.

@wakaranai: Hmm I initially thought that layout just looked messy and inconsistent with the rest of the site, but now that I think about it, it looks so much better than the current organization. Can you update a patch to play around with?
#36 by wakaranai
2015-11-26 at 06:21
< report >turns out i was wrong and didn't actually code it back then (i wonder how did i get this screenshot), anyway i've implemented simple layout without thumbnails, link, 'cast' branch.
#37 by abyssaleros
2015-11-26 at 17:11
< report >@yorhel: Is there a way to disable on user level (profil) what you have done with the minor update 2.25-31? I utterly do not like to see unecessary information on the main page.Last modified on 2015-11-26 at 17:12
#38 by wakaranai
2015-11-26 at 17:17
< report >^sure, just add
.mainbox.staff { display: none; }
into "Additional CSS" within your profile.
#39 by warfoki
2015-11-26 at 17:21
< report >@Abysselaros: I second that. For me it's just a bunch of useless info that I now have to scroll past if I want to see the ratings and the screenshots. I much preferred cast members being on their own tab.

@wakaranai: That makes it disappear entirely. I don't want to remove the data, because that means I have to go through more loopholes if I actually want to see the cast. I want a separate place for it, so that the data is accessible without cluttering the main page. The previous design was far superior to the current one.Last modified on 2015-11-26 at 17:25
#40 by abyssaleros
2015-11-26 at 17:22
< report >Thanks wakaranai.
Btw I like your proposal screenshot altough I usually show no interest in staff or character editing, much to many senseless traits, which just makes the whole feature an utterly and useless mess in my humble opinion...
#41 by abyssaleros
2015-11-26 at 17:28
< report >Warfoki beat me. I would prefare the tab too, but for now I go without the staff for a while.
#42 by wakaranai
2015-11-26 at 17:28
< report >@warfoki: but it's useless, you said it yourself, then why do you need it at all? be consistent in your claims ;-)
#43 by abyssaleros
2015-11-26 at 17:33
< report >It is useless most of the time...
...I even find the character info sometimes usefull, even if it is most often just for the right romaji name.
#44 by wakaranai
2015-11-26 at 17:38
< report >then the solution would be to move staff blocks to the bottom. it could be done in CSS, too, but i'm not in the mood to research actual code that achieves that, i'm fine with current layout.
#45 by warfoki
2015-11-26 at 17:44
< report >Don't play word games with me here please, I'm not in a funny mood. It's useless compared to the other stuff on the main page. That doesn't mean that I never use it. Sometimes when I add screenshots and stuff, I also add a few staff members as well, if there were none there. Or if I search for nukiges, I might search VNs by their artists. Most of the times though I just want to see the descriptions, tags, general ratings and the screenshots. Now I either have the cast clogging the page or I banish it entirely, so if I want to use it, I have to go to the profile, delete that line and come back to do it. That for example means that I'm not going to bother if a VN I'm editing, has cast info or not, because I can't be bothered to do this process every single time. It's a nuisance. I don't get what was the problem with the previous layout anyway.Last modified on 2015-11-26 at 17:46
#46 by savagetiger
2015-11-26 at 18:03
< report >I agree, as it is now it would be better to be on a separate tab. The cast of characters really stretches the page long for those games.
Maybe try a way to arrange the cast horizontally like the staff is somehow if you really want it on the main page?
#47 by space-ranger
2015-11-26 at 19:09
< report >Why was the staff tab removed in the first place? It worked just fine and now the main page is bloated. If you don't want the staff info, then it just fills up the page with useless data. If you want it, it is "hidden" together with votes and releases. Regardless of your view on staff, the current setup is worse.

I remember Yorhel talking about my code contribution as should pay attention to database load. This is the opposite. Staff data is fetched from the database even when the user has no interest in those data. While the server load is low enough to take it, I could easily find other ways to benefit more from increased database load. Alternatively we can just keep it low to get great response times.
#48 by rusanon
2015-11-26 at 20:59
< report >Agree with opinions above, it was much better as separate tab. Solvable with a bit of user script to make it hidden, so I don't care much, but same as others, don't see a point in this change.
#49 by tyr
2015-11-26 at 21:05
< report >I like this change. For me this data is very important and it's nice that I don't have to switch the tab to see it.
#50 by venomg3
2015-11-26 at 23:51
< report >im against it atm for a nitpicky technical reason
and that is that notes on staff entry can be spoiler's but are forced in view now

Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-

has vocals and composer for True End but true end is a tag under spoiler settingsLast modified on 2015-11-26 at 23:51