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#1 by vandes
2013-09-23 at 08:10
A Nukige in my opinion, will never get more than a 8/10 score. Obviously because a Nukige mean Ero>Plot, in other word: For the fap. So, how does this game fare as a nukige?

-Plot: Like I already said, story plot is not the primary point of a Nukige. Therefore be prepared for a lot of "Hentai logic" in this game.
However, it does have some cute and heartwarming moments, which I find as a plus. [6/10]

-Visual: For a nukige, visual is very important, more so than other genres. Luckily, it's great. The color is vibrant and feel very must alive.The characters in the game(female) is both cute and erotic at the same time thank to the coloring and good body anatomy. [9/10]

-Sound: For the music ? I already forgot about it. Now, the real stuff is the voice acting and sound effect (for Sounds of Copulation). Seriously is top notch (especially in H-scene). [7/10] it's a shame about the music really.

-H-scene: What can I say? HOT!! However, the game contain some fetishes which may put off some player (scat) luckily you can uncheck that in the option menu. The voices and sound really shine here (especially das Ahegao! man.. das Ahegao...( ≖‿≖ ) [9/10]

-Heroines: When I first played the game, I saw : 2 tsundere, 1 Kuudere, and 1 loli. Naturally, for a guy who like to save the best for last like me, I played by this order: Nene > Momoka > Iori > Kisara. After that, I rate the routes like this: Kisara > Momoka > Iori > Nene. As you can see, I was quite disappointed with Iori route. At first I thought a kuudere would be interesting, not that her route is bad, but kinda lackluster. On the other hand, Momoka route is surprisingly good. At first she was annoying, but then as they alway said :"When you take away the tsun then..." Her sudden change of personality is not forced at all, which is a good thing. Then come Kisara route, while being a tsundere like Momoka, she is more like a classic tsundere, which mean being cute when tsun-tsun, not annoying. So typically, she is arguably the main heroine of the cast. Oh, there also Nene for all of you lolicon out there, enjoy!( ゚∀゚)ア [8/10]

-Final verdict: 8/10 there, the highest score I can give to a Nukige ( Totally fappable ) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
#2 by girlplayer
2013-09-24 at 10:05
There's scat in this game and you can censor it? Yay.

Totally playing this after Otome Switch!
#3 by oooeeeaaa
2013-10-26 at 20:45
Overall, I like Momoka most.... don't really like Nene route much

Some of the H scenes are just crazy.... The good thing is that most are in a HOT way
#4 by beliar
2014-03-04 at 22:19
I personally was less than thrilled with Eroge. My short review of the game is here.
TL;DR: I found the game extremely boring.
#5 by theretrogoat
2014-09-16 at 06:13
Sorry if this is necro-ing, but I kinda wanted to throw my two cents in.

Personally, I found the ero scenes to be kinda gross. Surprisingly not forced, but still gross. The art style is one I detest, everyone looks shiny and plastic. The scenes go on for freaking ever, with the only changes being their faces contorting into disturbing looks while they make sensual sounds that I can only describe as an ape getting a prostate exam. They do dip into a variety of fetishes such as scat and yaoi, and it was definitely not my cup of tea, but to each their own on that. One minor thing that surprised me was the complete absence of yuri. They hit almost every standard fetish, yet there wasn't even a single yuri scene.

The story wasn't bad, but it was bland. It was very formulaic and each heroine's route seemed like I was playing the same thing over and over. It was mostly inoffensive, and I do like that it was light hearted and left the rape fetishes for the game within a game rather than assaulting the actual heroines. I did enjoy the premise a lot and how it was a consistent part of the story, and it's something that I'd enjoy seeing it get expanded on.

I liked Iori, since she was the most unique out of the four and her straight-man personality was kinda funny. Nene was likable, but I can't say anything about her stood out. The other two are more-or-less the same character. Classic tsundere whom for no reason fall in love with you. They all have happy endings (pardon the pun) and I don't feel like this VN took anything away from me, but I don't feel like I gained anything either.

Overall it mostly just feels like just another VN. Nothing stood out. I didn't hate it, but there was no real reason to love it either. If it "appeals" to you, check it out, but I'd say pass this one up if you were looking for a nukige with deep characters.
#6 by gerardlonewolf
2014-09-16 at 07:18
looking for a nukige with deep characters.

How deep are we talking about here? Like "Aaahh~ ahh~ don't go in too deep!" or "Fwaa~ it's sooo deep, gooo deeper, your d-dick is hitting my- ___ m-my w-womb! I'm g-gonna cum, I'm gonna g-get pregnant ahhh- I'm cummiinggg!!!!" eh?
#7 by theretrogoat
2014-09-16 at 07:40
Well in that field, I suppose I should them props for being pretty deep characters.
#8 by verdun
2014-09-16 at 15:59
I liked that all the things I don't like (internal pictures and scat) can be turned off and there's ahegao without rape.

It's so very user sensitive.
#9 by [deleted]
2014-09-16 at 16:05
Does the option to turn off scat actually turn off the scat? Because the last game I played with an option to turn off scat, it actually just turned off scat images, but you still got full text descriptions of the scat scenes.

I've been curious to play this game, but scat is pretty high on my DNW list.
#10 by theretrogoat
2014-09-19 at 16:11
From what I saw, nope. I kept it on despite my massive oogies for the sake of 100%-ing it, but I did turn it off once or twice without anything happening. Though I'm guessing that was just for me.

The user sensitivity was really nice. It was a new feeling not worrying about whether or not my chosen heroine was about to get raped. Though that disgusting pig man did throw a few red flags up, but thankfully nothing happened.
#11 by tutu
2014-09-20 at 07:49
I found the game to be decent overall. I liked Kisara and Iori, but hated Nene and Momoka.
#12 by bookwormotaku
2015-02-14 at 19:53
Seeing as I felt I should release a review on Valentine's Day, here's a much belated review of

#13 by clowred
2017-01-27 at 10:58
A relatively well done Visual Novel. A little too extreme in Yori route, but there may be some that instead of being disgusted may find pleasure. Kisara route was my favorite, followed closely by Momoka, then Nene and lastly Yori. I am quite happy with my life so I can't stand rape or any form of abuse, even if its 1) fictional 2) consensual. Because of this, the no rape policy of this game was very refreshing. I know that Nukige and rape go well together, but seeing Kisara's and Momoka's good endings I sincerely felt that Nukige could be something better than the usual drugs, rape, ogres and tentacles. This game receives a well deserved 7.
#14 by mrducky
2017-07-29 at 22:12
I couldn't get past overly long h-scenes and ANNOYING voices during them so rating 4/10 (without them would be 7/10). There are some interesting scenes and you can clearly see this is from same people as euphoria.
#15 by usagi
2017-07-30 at 02:50
ANNOYING voices during them
there is option to turn background moans off though
#16 by perkins
2019-09-12 at 11:46
It was just too short if only they made a cheating route were the protagonist has more scenes with 3 and 1 trap or if they could do a remake and create a alternative version were he ends up with the ones he cheated the heroines with.Last modified on 2019-09-12 at 11:47


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