voice playback?

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#1 by tuco321
2013-10-15 at 08:01
hello im playing clannad full voice but i cant seem to find any way to play back voices.
are there any versions of the game (in english) that have it?
#2 by kilicool64
2013-10-15 at 09:28
Huh? That's news to me. Whenever you're reading a voiced line in the backlog there should be a button for playing its voice file.
#3 by ano
2013-10-15 at 10:41
there's a specific Full Voice version, maybe you have the wrong one?
#4 by tuco321
2013-10-15 at 19:41
yea its really strange. i've downloaded 2 different versions of full voice, but still no voice playback
#5 by tuco321
2013-10-15 at 19:42
heres a link to my backlog


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