Cocoro@Function: thoughts

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#26 by girlplayer
2013-11-24 at 22:16
@23 are you talking about this or konosora?
#27 by rusanon
2013-11-24 at 22:17
About Cocoro@Function.

Its exactly same engine tho, so yeah, limitations are same for both games.
#28 by girlplayer
2013-11-24 at 23:09
Too bad....*removes both games from list*

Well i think i'll should wait for someone to link me a resolution check-removal patch then
#29 by naktis
2013-12-03 at 02:33
Protag sucks dicks (not litterally ofc) , cute heroines.
#30 by hypotrek
2018-01-12 at 03:57
How do you get the game?


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