Narcissu on steam greenlight

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#1 by logros13
2013-11-15 at 04:15
surprised that nobody has mentioned this here yet (as far as i have seen atleast).

the greenlight page: link

vntls interview with Sekai Project: linkLast modified on 2013-11-15 at 04:16
#2 by pendelhaven
2013-11-15 at 14:54
but this is a free game correct? how will steam get any incentive from this?

and I'm pretty sure this can be played via web browser. how's that coming along?Last modified on 2013-11-15 at 14:55
#3 by pabloc
2013-11-15 at 15:05
If they are going to turn this into a DRM-infested, non-freeware title, they can go to hell.

Otherwise... Well, I guess it won't hurt if a real VN will show up on Steam. For now, as far as I know they only have some random OELVN garbage, or Higurashi with it's... unique art - not exactly the best titles to promote the genre. That said, Steam is a place for gamers, so it's a pretty bad platform for (non-hybrid) VNs to begin with.

Oh, and Steam sucks anyway. :PLast modified on 2013-11-15 at 15:06
#4 by shutterfox
2013-11-15 at 15:56
But while Higurashi is quite a long read, Narcissu is pretty short (to add to the kinetic aspect of the first one). I really don't think it's a good move to turn it into non-freeware while it's possible to read it directly via web browser. Is it only legal?
As said, there are way better suited VNs to promote the genre. Take Jast's to-be-released Steins;Gate for instance. Or Aselia.
#5 by ff80c38
2013-11-15 at 17:01
Sekai Project are planning to release Narcissu for free on Steam. Only if Valve forces them heavily, they (not really) want to charge a ridiculous small amount of money.
There are a few games on Steam, that are free and don't have any business model, so it's not impossible. Sekai Project also are planning to release future projects on Steam, so the Narcissu release could be considered as advertisement.
They will include the Steamworks component, so it will have sort of DRM. But they are retranslating Narcissu from scratch, improving the ONScripter engine and maybe adding the OST - seems fair to me, as the old release will coexist.
#6 by merup
2013-11-15 at 17:24
I really hope Sekai Project will fail. There's no need to have VNs on steam.
#7 by ganz
2013-11-15 at 18:28
I do hope they succeeds. There's no big reason not to have VNs on steam.
And I'd like to see some people reaction to it then. :P
#8 by hiecchi
2013-11-15 at 20:25
I do hope they succeeds too and bring more VNs to Steam (hopefully Narcissu 3 *-*)
#9 by shutterfox
2013-11-15 at 23:53
I'd be curious about the reactions if Narcissu gets greenlighted, but I can't say I'm hoping for their success or not.
It may be a interesting way to promote the genre to larger audiences, but I fear the KonoSoraMoeNovel-syndrome to happen more often...


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