The most "nukigish" nukige I've ever played

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#1 by tiglath
2013-11-17 at 11:24
Since I had a questionable pleasure of playing this, I might as well write a few sentences, so that any other unfortunate souls will be better prepared for what awaits them in this title.

Premise is dumb and simple: protagonist, being afraid of women, spends most of his free time with his onaholes. One day they magically transform into real girls and start working as maids in protag's manor.

I decided to give this game a try, because I saw a "raising simulation" tag and it caught my interest. Every girl needs training in six different types of house chores, such as cleaning, cooking, doing laundry etc. Every activity drains her stamina, so after some time she needs to take a rest. When a specific field is mastered we get a h-scene with a heroine in question - provided we decide that the protagonist should spend time with her.

This leads to another matter - number of h-scenes... oh boy. We have 3 onahole heroines that get 6 scenes each plus osananajimi maid that gets 3 instead of 6 scenes. In addition, each of them gets one introduction scene, three "route" scenes and ending scene. That's a grand total of... 41 hentai scenes, not counting repeating scenes that occur when you spend time with a heroine when she doesn't master any field and there is no plot progression with her.

Girls are stereotypes without any personality. One is an energetic deredere airhead, one is a teasing onee-san, one is a childish modern tsundere (oh god, her voice is so annoying) and one is an osananajimi maid. There is no plot and occasional supposedly funny moments are cringe worthy.

CGs look very good, but scenes themselves are bad. Constant high pitched screaming mixed with disco beats made me laugh out loud at first, but at the third scene it wasn't funny anymore.

Final verdict: Look up CGs via Google if you think you might like them, but don't bother playing this game.
#2 by badgerkins
2014-05-01 at 16:49
Agree. The H-scene music is a major turn-off. God knows what they were thinking. Hoping it will change when more romantic progress is made.

And the VA for Myu (pink hair) is the same one who voiced Rin from Little Busters. Extremely uncomfortable to listen to for eroge.Last modified on 2014-05-02 at 20:43


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