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#1 by girlplayer
2013-11-17 at 12:21
What the title said :P

after reading the whole timeline of v2002 (on an english fansite. It's never updated), i got curious. Does anyone has link to a (unofficial) whole timeline of the series?

It will be appreciated it includes the 'icha-icha' fandisks of C;H and S;G, along with Drama CDs, and short story timelines. It's okay if it's in japanese and/or english.

Thank you
#2 by gabezhul
2013-11-17 at 13:02
Errr... I'm not even sure there -is- a timeline to begin with... or even if the VNs in the series share the same universe, let alone timeline...
#3 by albedo
2013-11-17 at 13:25
Pretty sure they share the same universe. I think there were a couple references to stuff that happened in Chaos;Head in Steins;Gate. Also, Nao from Steins;Gate appears in Robotics;Notes.
#4 by gabezhul
2013-11-17 at 13:29
Yeah, but taken how there are practically infinite parallel universes (as per established by S;G), I would hardly call it "the same universe"...
#5 by xraider
2013-11-17 at 13:40
Don't know if C;H and the rest still count as the same timeline,but R;N is technically a sequel to S;G taking place in the same world line.
#6 by iluz
2013-11-27 at 10:02
They're all a part of the same world line. As C;H happened before S;G, its events weren't affected by the change of world lines (maybe except for timelines where Akiba wasn't the capital of otakuism but it still shouldn't matter much). As for R;N, it's stated on the first line of the summary that it takes place in the same timeline as S;G's true end. Also, since Knight-Hart is mentioned in S;G we can safely assume that C;H's AA ending is the canon one.
Now, Chaos;Child may complicate things, or maybe it'll make things clear. Only time will tell.
#7 by girlplayer
2013-11-27 at 11:53
Well, there's an occassionally-updated article about Committee of 300 (on Steins Gate english wikia) that contains the plot and pre-plot timeline for C;H, S;G and R;N

They will update it as soon as C;C's anime airsLast modified on 2013-11-27 at 11:54
#8 by vukp
2014-07-12 at 17:09
Well they do share a same universe as Ayase is mention by Faris in S;G as a popular singer who announced end of the world and Nae appears in R:N, but I am not so sure that they are share a same timeline.


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