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#1 by katzy07
2013-12-21 at 02:49
Good news everyone!

Both Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head (for the vita) are free with Play Station Plus on the Japanese version.

So if you can read japanese, have a vita, and happen to have a japanese Playstation network accout with playstation plus, Go play them. They're free.

If you don't have have play station plus, and you're a very fast reader, you can can get a free trial of playstation plus for 15 days.

If you don't have a Japanese Playstation Netowork account, you can easily get one for free. Kotaku has a guide on how to do it that can be found using the google.

If you don't have a vita... oh well. I guess you can pay out the wazu for PC version, buy one of the other console versions, wait for JAST to put it on sale in a couple months, or steal it (though Santa won't give you presents if you do that last one).

As for me, I doubt my Japanese is going to be good enough to follow it one-hundred percent, but I'm going to give Steins;Gate a try. Loved the anime, so why not.

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#2 by cucumberian
2013-12-21 at 04:03
PS Plus games aren't free, they're rentals. You lose them when your sub expires.
#3 by katzy07
2013-12-21 at 04:49
well, yeah. But free is a convenient term that's a lot easier to say than "has no additional costs to use for the duration of your subscription period".

Also it's a good deal if you're the type who doesn't replay games a lot. And they always seem to select things that I wanted to play but just never did (at least the American version does), so I like it. basically you shell out fifty bucks and get to play a bunch of games (of varying quality) for a year. It would be the best rental system ever, if they let you choose which titles you wanted. Though as is, it's still not bad.

Plus now it's mandatory if you want multiplier (on ps4 at least).

/Sales pitch

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#4 by vokoca
2013-12-22 at 20:37
Man, this is the perfect time to activate my 15-day free trial. Thanks for letting me know! If they add any more VNs on the jp PS+, I'm going to subscribe, as weird as having two different PS+ subscriptions might be.
#5 by moogy
2013-12-22 at 21:33
Don't forget that PS Plus lets you use cloud saving, useful if you switch memory cards a lot or use multiple devices or whatever.

I've been meaning to buy into it myself, just haven't really found the opportunity I guess.


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