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#1 by ikla
2013-12-23 at 05:54
< report >Is it just me, or is this game kind of real boring?
It took me like 3-4 days not abusing the skip button to make it to the intro video, and every other scene is going in-depth about gliding and flying.
Just a personal opinion though, want to see if anyone else has similar opinions.
#2 by ikla
2013-12-23 at 05:58
< report >On another note, is there a way to tell if the restoration patch applied correctly?
#3 by noirx
2013-12-23 at 09:12
< report >No comment on whether its boring or not. But if you want to see whether restoration patch works or not, if you see full naked body instead of towel-wrapped girls then it works. Also if there's a H-scene then it also works.
#4 by ikla
2013-12-23 at 10:24
< report >Fuck. The first scene with Kotori in the bath, is that supposed to have her naked then? I think it may have not worked if that's the case.
#5 by noirx
2013-12-23 at 14:22
< report >I already passed the first bath scene for Kotori when i applied the patch so I can't say for sure, but according to RusAnon it should be naked.
#6 by madeking
2013-12-24 at 02:30
< report >The sceenshot on VNDB is from that scene right? she's naked there.
#7 by ikla
2013-12-25 at 01:06
< report >I fixed it, but I thought maybe there was 2, maybe one after when you went down her route or something.
#8 by ikla
2014-03-22 at 16:38
< report >So after like 4 months, having finally finished it, it's not extremely boring. The parts about the gliders are pretty boring, but if you skip through all the glider and generally unimportant parts, it becomes a lot easier to digest. I still didn't really like Ageha at all though, pretty much through any of the routes.Last modified on 2014-03-23 at 15:00
#9 by verifonix
2014-03-23 at 09:32
< report >I agree the glider parts were pretty lengthy. Some people might appreciate those parts, but I don't think it should have been as much of a focus.
And I didn't particularly mind Ageha to be honest. Pretty typical character traits. And she's really cute with her hair down!
#10 by gustave154
2014-03-23 at 11:17
< report >Confession has to go to Kotori.
it was really awesome.
but to me the best story was the twins.
#11 by ikla
2014-03-23 at 15:02
< report >@9 I guess some people just really like gliders. But I didn't like Ageha, I knew in her route she would be "redeemed" but I still disliked her. She was manipulative, controlling, secretive, and just a frustrating character to deal with. I mean, if I remember correctly, she didn't even say I love you even at the very end.
@10 Yeah the twins were easily my favorite, it didn't feel as good when you had to go down the Asa route first, but the story for the threesome ending was real good.
#12 by rubytyr
2014-06-17 at 17:07
< report >I had put this one on the shelf for abit - but thought I would give it another try. I felt the same way abput the glider scenes.

When the prolouge ended (I assume the prolouge - when the school demolishes the club) , I was almsot cheering, hoping the cast would actually think of things besides gliders - like, you know - character development, relationships, school, and the future~

And then it the glider designing came BACK (I get it, the title of the VN says it all). That's when I first puit this on the shelf. I mean, yes the main premise is flying, but don't these people have any kind of lives OUTSIDE this freaking glider? lol.

I "want" to like this VN, it has potential - but man~

So, now that I'm dusting this off - can anyone tell me if this actually develops into any actual personal story amongst the cast? Or am I looking at "how to build gliders" for pretty much the whole way through?

(On a semi-related note, I get the feeling this VN was written in such a forceful fashion on purpose, to try and spark interest in aerodynamics among any NEETS that read VNs). I could be wrong, but the writing style has a very "Oh boy I feel so fulfilled now that I found jay-sus" feeling to it. Wonder if a major aerospace corp. backed the VN devs?
#13 by overmage
2014-06-17 at 17:21
< report >
On a semi-related note, I get the feeling this VN was written in such a forceful fashion on purpose

The English used is very terse because the original TLers are clearly not native speakers and are unable to express the language in a way that flows naturally. I don't think they have the ability to do this on purpose.
#14 by kilicool64
2014-06-18 at 06:13
< report >^Not sure if this is true, but according to Moenovel, the translators are native speakers, but were instructed to translate the script extremely literally.
#15 by rubytyr
2014-06-18 at 08:47
< report >i supect regardless of english/japanese/wookese there was a very thick layer of detail involved with the glider scenes no matter what - kinda like Kira kira, except aerodynamics rather then music, heh.

As for the overall format feeling literal and terse - it is abit stiff, but didn't seem "too" bad (but I'm also reading it after having applied the fan patch, which sopposdly helps)
#16 by PabloC
2014-06-18 at 15:23
< report >I'd say MoeNovel's translators were native Esperanto speakers... :P

Their translation is stiff and awkward, but I wouldn't say it's literal. Sometimes they are even using weird expressions that don't exist in neither English nor Japanese. I really don't think a native English speaker would spawn such stuff, unless they were exceptionally bad at writing.

As for being boring - well, it's just a charage. Only instead of the usual slice-of-school-life-BS you get glider-BS most of the time. As for character/relationship development, only Kotori gets any in the common route. When it comes to other heroines, you will have to wait until you get on their routes.
But yeah, there's a wee bit too much glider-talk indeed. And it's a bitch to translate, so I kinda hate it by now... :/

Also, the 1st Restoration patch isn't fixing that much - except for H-scenes and probably Ageha's route, other scripts have mostly raw MoeNovel TL.
#17 by warfoki
2014-06-18 at 15:51
< report >*starts to write a post to bug Pabloc about the translation fix, then sees the huge list of pending tag and trait requests and decides to shut the fuck up*

I'll just show myself out.
#18 by rubytyr
2014-06-18 at 19:00
< report >^ lol

@ Pabloc: You should instead consider doing a abridged version for every glider scene :D Just some completely unexpected nonsense. /thumbs up
#19 by PabloC
2014-06-18 at 19:58
< report >^ MoeNovel pretty much did this already. XD
It's not funny. :/
#20 by john-henry
2014-06-19 at 04:18
< report >@pabloc. Heck!, this VN makes me feel A LOT more confident about my translation style, on a scale of near-robotic is an 8 out of 10. I'm not an English native speaker, but even that looks awkward to me.
#21 by overmage
2014-06-19 at 09:45
< report >
^Not sure if this is true, but according to Moenovel, the translators are native speakers, but were instructed to translate the script extremely literally.

I say this because even when reading interviews with Moenovel, the way the questions were answered was... robotic, to say the least. That they can't even express themselves naturally in a casual setting outside of a translation is proof that they are almost certainly non-native speakers.

just check this page out for an example of what I'm talking about.

For the purpose of studying, we check hit titles and titles with originality but we don’t consciously try to take influence from the same genre. If we take influence from the same genre, in the end it’s possible that the title will end up being a smaller summation of that genre.

Who uses "summation" outside of mathematics? Scratch that, the whole paragraph just sounds 'off'.Last modified on 2014-06-19 at 10:15
#22 by ninjafire
2014-08-19 at 17:58
< report >maybe thei're talking too much about planes/ gliders, considering the fact that not everyone is into gliders to that extend. and ageha's route, in the middle part, is kinda boring, and asa was a bit too fast. but kotori's route is amazing, and amane's is really funny (if u play the jp version with h scenes).
#23 by clowred
2016-12-29 at 10:31
< report >The beginning is trully boring, but after that the story progresses nicely. Each character develops a certain charm that makes the game very enjoyable. The only problem is the changes that occur for every route. Even though the end result is closely the same.
#24 by thedrazen
2017-09-24 at 00:20
< report >eeemmm is too boring, the skip button is shit, the waifus are not interesting and the story is boring its all time bla bla bla planes talking about shit so i dont like and the installation with the restoration parch was hard as fuck.....i didnt enjoy this vl
#25 by runningmorpher
2019-12-24 at 02:42
< report >I though I was the only one that also hated the gilder scenes. like, it was kind of interesting at the start, but when majority of the game is about this rag tag ground of friends building/repairing a glider; It gets old, real quick. I honestly haven't felt so bored playing a visual novel in my life. I couldn't careless about how to apply PVC glue to make a wing, or how the glider needed to be light so that's why x materials are used. I simply wanted scenes where it's just you and the heroine doing things, not an engineering class!