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#26 by velociraptor
2020-12-10 at 19:52
< report >I don't think it's boring at all. Ageha's route was very confusing to say the least. But this novel was well researched and well executed. You can see that the people who worked on it put in a lot of effort at least in researching gliders and fluid mechanics at the very least. Interaction between the characters wasn't bad (except for Ageha's fake hyperactivity). An-chan is great, the rebellious attitude that the teenagers show against their sensei was kinda realistic. Kotori's childishness and character development was admirable. Asa and Yoru are gag characters. You can see a lot of Japanese preconceptions in their route. Amane is also an unrealistic character like the twins. You might be able to find girls like Kotori and Ageha, but you wouldn't find one like Amane in real world. Japanese people and their preconceptions about people who work in labs is what we see personified in Amane.
Ignorance about twins is well depicted in the twins route. And the dialogues are irritating and annoying. Like how they say they are different because one likes dogs and the other likes cats and one likes sweet things while the other likes hot things. It feels childish.. Without Kanako's involvement, those routes would've felt worse than Japanese gag mangas which are hard for anyone other than Japanese people to understand.
Ageha is the worst girl as far as wife material is concerned. It's hard to trust a girl like that. She's way too impulsive and the route barely made sense..


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