Now or Later?

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#1 by everydayeroge
2013-12-27 at 19:11
I was excited when I first heard about the announcement for this game since I like this series so far. The only thing that I was wondering about is whether or not I should buy the first press release edition or wait until a special edition to be released before purchasing it.
Considering the possiblity that this game, like its predecessors, have Append patches later in the future and extra downloadable stuff, would it be better to wait until an edition of the game that has all of that included to buy it, if it does have one? Or would it be better to just buy the first release and then that special edition later on if it does come out?
#2 by surferdude
2013-12-27 at 19:26
If you really intend to buy it at some point then there shouldn't be any problem if you simply torrent the first version and then buy the one with all the extra stuff.Last modified on 2013-12-27 at 19:28
#3 by jao
2013-12-28 at 17:47
Why wait ? Like Lovely x Cation 2, if it has append patches, they'll be released for free.
#4 by madeking
2013-12-28 at 21:31
I havnt been following, but it was the same with Lovely x Cation 1 when i read it, all the appends are freely downloadable from their site, with the one problem being their site is region locked. but as you like the series you may very well know something i dont.Last modified on 2013-12-28 at 21:33
#5 by jao
2013-12-29 at 16:52
You can also download these patches from mirror websites which aren't region locked. Like
#6 by overmage
2013-12-29 at 18:19
or use a free japanese proxy, there are tons
#7 by madeking
2013-12-29 at 21:48
or use a free japanese proxy, there are tons

Thats what i did. Since theyre quite big you have to use a proxy they will actually let you download larger files, which are often quite slow. i didnt know of any mirror websites, so that might be the faster option.
#8 by girlplayer
2013-12-29 at 22:06
^ well if no mirror websites uploaded then maybe torrenting the free downloadable stuff is the only option.
#9 by gustave154
2014-03-01 at 01:47
Yup get the game first then wait for the append patches.
Its pretty awesome the developer is giving them out for free.


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