Is this game worth playing?

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#1 by boy3005
2014-01-05 at 04:57
Does it have a good plot? Satisfying ending? Consistent storyplot that entertains you throughout the game?
#2 by mdzz
2014-08-30 at 16:23
I think that it's a game that's worth playing. Albeit, the reader probably won't feel that way for the great majority of the read. There's a more-detailed post written here. But, I'll give you the succinct summary.

It's a really, really, really, painful, and somewhat verbose read. The grammar of the work isn't too difficult, but I wouldn't suggest reading it unless you're not resolute. There's a lot of melodrama, and the author really likes writing meticulous, psychological descriptions.

The work at its core, is frustrating and melodramatic. With the exception of the true route, every route basically involves a lot of painful drama stemmed from the fact that both the heroine and the protagonist have a mutual inferiority complex. Generally, when you read a work revolving around a hetare protagonist, it's bearable once he matures. This isn't really the case for the majority of this novel, because each route takes place within a discrete timeline -- so after each route, you restart, with him facing the same problems, reacting similarly [but not identically]. I'd have much rather preferred a linear timeline.

The plot's written well enough in that there's not a lot of 'dead' time; it's consistent, frustrating, but consistent plot. It's not boring to read, and it doesn't deviate in being entertaining in that regard.

The ending to each of the introductory routes, prior to the true route end with a happy ending for both the protagonist and the main heroine. Each of the introductory routes feature a love-triangle between the protagonist, the heroine, and another male. The protagonist's the type of person to literally urge the other male on, because he lacks the self-esteem [but this is done for a rather profound reason].

The true route is unlocked after finishing all the introductory routes. It's labeled the "Grand Route." I think it's aptly named, because it ties up everything in a satisfying, logically-cohesive fashion. Incidentally, the true route is the only route without a painful love triangle. It basically ends happily for every party involved [they literally get paired-up with a romantic interest]. I don't think it felt forced, and at the end, the protagonist actually did something masculine, albeit fitting of his character.

It's 'worth' reading because after finishing everything, it's a retrospective positive experience [because I probably consciously tried to forget the ~25 or so odd hours of pain]. I wouldn't blame anyone if they dropped the work within its first few routes.

Nonetheless, this is a memorable work -- it won't be forgotten. It won't be remembered as an unpleasant read either. Simply as a pure, cute, but painfully adolescent love story.Last modified on 2014-09-22 at 17:52


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