Agave route(Spoilers)

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#1 by silentrzk
2014-01-25 at 16:26
Translation is taking too slow and I'm really curious on Agave route. Well, I already dropped this, which means I remove Majikoi on my computer, so I don't think I'll replay this game again.

So can someone give me spoilers on this route? What know is it's something Shakadou and/or his pupils.
#2 by ultimecea
2014-01-25 at 16:58
yup...just watch the anime or read the manga..
it covers perfectly the AGAVE route
#3 by naktis
2014-01-25 at 17:21
watch anime ?! OMG NOOOO , that anime must BURN!
#4 by silentrzk
2014-01-25 at 18:18
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#5 by realitymaker
2014-01-25 at 19:34
I can only give a bare summary, considering I machine translated the route and its been a while since I've read it.

The basis of the agave route has to do with Koyuki, Touma, and Jun and the problems of Japan. The anime did touch upon the subject as Yamato said his father abandoned Japan because of the incompetence and corruption of the government.

Koyuki suffered parental neglect and child abuse, and she tried to make friends with the Kazama family through Yamato as a kid. However, as a child, Yamato thought she was weird and told her to leave him alone, which resulted in her terrible childhood and her anger against the Kazama family. If I recall correctly, in the translated patch, there's a scene where an old man referred to Koyuki as the girl that Yamato was supposed to choose to save. In Maji Koi S, you get to make an option and choose to befriend her instead of ignoring her.

I'm not too sure about Touma and Jun, but I believe their parents were part of a scandal or something, and they were angry because they had to deal with the issue. The three of them wanted revenge against society's problems and also against the Kazama family for Koyuki, so they caused a revolution.

Shakadou and his disciples were hired by Touma to deal with the Kawakami Temple and the Kazama family. They also managed to force Tenshin to seal away Momoyo's powers by framing her as attacking innocent people, weakening both of them so they couldn't actually fight. I forgot the rest of it went, but eventually Yamato and his friends were able to defeat Touma. Touma and Jun were arrested for their crimes, but they were eventually released at the conclusion of the route.

That's basically all I can remember, I'd have to replay the route again to know more.
#6 by ardys
2014-01-25 at 22:25
i think the manga goes to momoyo 's route, since the story includes the 2F vs 2S war Last modified on 2014-01-25 at 22:25
#7 by ultimecea
2014-01-27 at 14:15
@6 i always thought that part was the main background for Agave the anime actually follows the manga
since its obvious that the prologue kinda hinted that things will go that way...
@3 you didnt know??
then again...its just one of VN adaptation which failed..nothing more'll be funny if Majikoi S will be adapted..though i prefer voting for Tsujidou(since i know it wont be translated anytime soon)


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