The MC's cluelessness

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#1 by azurameta
2014-01-26 at 23:36
< report >Just started playing this and...

For someone who learned about Japan from the net and studied japanese (to perfection?), the MC is surprisingly clueless about the most basic stuff.

Exactly what kind of country does he come from? I thought convenience stores were a rather common thing. 24/7 stores aren't that rare either. As for SUICA, my 2nd world country (Romania) got a similar thing a few years ago. You can't exactly use it everywhere like that, but you can use it for any public transport. And don't get me started on the "second stomach" myth that he seems to have never heard of... isn't that a universal thing?

Anyway, can you even learn a language that good without knowing anything about the country's culture? Maybe this game is supposed to be a sort of tour to japan for foreigners, but I think they went a bit far.Last modified on 2014-01-26 at 23:45
#2 by ganchan
2014-01-27 at 12:41
< report >Just think he comes from a small village, and all he knows about the culture is because of those 2 friends. So you can guess they didn't tell him the basic stuff because they (as you) thought its something common.

But of course, we also know that he watches anime (specifically v369) so is kind of strange unless he only watches 3kingdom series with female character
#3 by yirba
2014-01-28 at 02:51
< report >@1: A lot of people feel this way after playing this VN. I think the issue is that for a long time, Japan was way more technologically advanced and convenient than the rest of the world. But over time, the same sort of technology and conveniences have made their way to other countries, so Japan is no longer as unique in that way. However, Japanese people don't seem to be too aware of this, since they've prided themselves with having such an advanced country for so long.

In fact, the reverse is true a lot of the time. Japan can be pretty backwards. For example, good luck finding free Wi-Fi in Tokyo without leeching from train stations (assuming their network is working) or Family Mart. On the other hand, London is pretty good with free Wi-Fi. ATMs not accepting foreign cards is another inconvenience, forcing you to rely on the ATMs at 7-Elevens or post offices.
#4 by brunoais
2014-08-02 at 09:26
< report >I also have the feel.
How can someone be able to study, at least, spoken Japanese without being able to study some of the culture?
That guy is completely clueless about Japan! He seems to know nearly nothing, not even the simple recurring itadakimasu!

It gives me to think:
What do they think people outside Japan are?

About that specific situation...
I think it would be more real if it was more like:

Me: "Before a meal... Itadakimasu, right?"
1 girl: "Yes, that's right!" <- Or similar; with a smile (recognizing effort)
Optional, but good:
Me: "Why itadakimasu? What does it mean?" <- Curiosity. Maybe something many have asked themselves in real life
1 girl: (give a honest answer based on japanese common knowledge)

Me: (accept answer); "Let's eat, then"
all: "Itadakimasu"

Better, right? And also the same kind of information is given.Last modified on 2014-08-02 at 09:33
#5 by pendelhaven
2014-08-02 at 14:49
< report >did the VN even explained about watashi/boku and its gender ambiguity? and did the VN also explained about the gender neutrality of koitsu/aitsu?
#6 by space-ranger
2014-08-02 at 15:56
< report >
It gives me to think:
What do they think people outside Japan are?
Japanese TV is pretty good at telling that people outside Japan are clueless on what Japan is like.

This video was originally uploaded somewhere else, which is why placed break on top of the subtitles >_<
Whoever uploaded this video to decided to write ninjas in the description even though they are clearly samurais and the subtitles says samurai, which doesn't actually help in this case. I really love he claims news states that people are attacked by samurais in Japan

I think the issue with this VN is that it aims at the average person in America/Europe, which it might do ok. However most people trying this VN would have seen at least one anime or tried at least one other VN, which mean the reader knowledge of Japan is quite a lot better than what they are aiming at. I suspect this VN have had contact (financial aid?) of some Japanese tourist organization and as such has to aim at a lower level of japanese awareness than any of us would like.

Before you say that people know more of Japan than this, I have to say that I have encountered people who were unaware that Japan and China are two different countries. In fact it never stops to surprise me how little most people know regarding anything.Last modified on 2014-08-02 at 23:38
#7 by overmage
2014-08-02 at 16:43
< report >I have friends (female, mostly) who cannot pinpoint Australia on a world map. Before you ask, they're not American. Also, they are otherwise academically stellar, which is why their ignorance baffles the imagination. It seems that outside of makeup and clothing there is very little they want to learn about.
#8 by kittymeow
2015-01-03 at 19:14
< report >…wait what kinda ridiculous sexism is this? You think this is 1950, post no. 7?
I have (male, because, it somehow matters?) friends who couldn’t list five facts about Australia without consulting an external source. I guess outside trucks and guns, there’s very little they want to learn about…
Point being, people being stupid is a thing that crosses gender lines –– take your sexism with you to your local left-wing political party, let them help you overcome your prejudice, man!!
#9 by gabezhul
2015-01-03 at 21:17
< report >*looks at #8*
*squints eyes theatrically*
Not sure if serious...
#10 by space-ranger
2015-01-03 at 22:07
< report >Somehow I imagine #8 as a member of Redstockings. Standing there yelling in the streets that all men are pigs and stuff. Posting in a thread, which has been dead for 5 months without adding anything to the thread topic is a bit... well you know.

I have plenty of stories about people being ignorant/stupid and they are about both genders. However all of them are off topic and will not appear here. I don't think anybody stated that stupidity applies to just one gender unless you really wanted to read it like that.Last modified on 2015-01-03 at 22:08
#11 by lostaerie
2015-01-26 at 03:35
< report >I don't understand why people care if some people know about other cultures or not... I mean usually when people don't know specific things or even simple things like things said before eating or greetings it is a matter of "care" or not. They don't care. We shouldn't care if they care...

Anyway, way off topic. Can't we all just agree the makers make this game super annoying to the people who know these things? We shouldn't be insulted.


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