This game is a blast. -GD-

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#1 by tabasaki
2014-02-27 at 16:15
I'm currently going through what I assume is a pure Risa route and I can tell you it is really good. I haven't gone through the other ones (yet).

Though it's told from Risa's point of view, the main character is essentially the middle-aged Kurata. Through various bullshit that I won't describe (because it's better to see it in action) he manages to convince Risa (and presumably others) to do various debauchery as he slowly breaks her into a sex-loving whore.

It's not the most original thing, but there are two things about this VN that stand out (well technically three; the third one doesn't count).

The first (or second) thing you'll notice about this game is the artwork (the other spot going to the fact that main character has inverted nipples). It's quite exceptional amongst VN artwork and it does absolutely nothing to detract from the experience.

The other thing that stands out, but is a little more discreet, is how this game presents and develops each situation. It's hard to explain, but you'll see what I mean if you play. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that it's well-written as far as dialogue goes, and the game paces itself really well. It's not too long before you see your first scene. Technically you see the first scene right away since there's a rape scene at the beginning, but it's only to give a glimpse of the artwork and set the stage for the rest of the novel. It's not that arousing.

Also to note is that I'm adding the netorare (type b) tag to the list. It's not the main point of the VN, and is a little obscure in some places, but it is definitely present. It doesn't have too much effect on the game though, so I voted it a 1. Still, for a guy like me that doesn't actually like it too much it is important to note its existence. On the note of netorare, I feel like there's really no good reason to put Hiroshi in the game other than to be able to say that the game has netorare. So far it hasn't been touched on too much though I haven't gotten to the point where he finds out. Still, normally even before then it's a much bigger plot point.

Edit: Last thing: Would this be considered a Nukige? A lot of the design feels focused on the sexual slavery aspect and telling that through story, instead of just cramming tons and tons of hentai scenes down our throats.Last modified on 2014-02-27 at 16:18


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