Shinobu Deserves her own route

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#1 by mahooo
2014-03-04 at 11:38
While I really enjoyed the Harem route I must say it's mainly due to the fact that Shinobu really surprised me by turning into an amazing heroine (the "gap moe" was very powerful).

I feel like the game would have beneficted more from a Shinobu single route than the harem one, especialy considering there are already two threesome endings.
Really I'm a harem lover and one that thinks most charage or even most eroge would only be better with a harem route (not that I think all eroge should FOCUS on that route tho) so if I say, even though it pains me to, that this game would do better with a Shinobu route rather than a harem one I think it makes my opinion less biased (?).

I guess I can always dream of a fandisc featuring that specific route.

Apart from that I liked the way there was two threesome routes making it so that you can romance every heroine effectively three times, once in their main route, once in the threesome and once in the harem. That's pretty interesting and also why I think this game could have done without the harem route (not that I'm complaining the game has one mind you).
#2 by pendelhaven
2014-03-06 at 13:09
I watched the youtube subs, and damn this VN has too much moege in it. Is this really that good to deserve TL?

and damn, Shinobu was actually a girl? route plz.
#3 by jao
2014-03-07 at 02:01
Well, he's just translating the trial so this doesn't really matter.
#4 by mahooo
2014-03-13 at 22:48
It seemed pretty obvious to me as she has cleavages even when crossdressed, also if you look at the tags it does mention Reverse Trap Heroine
#5 by usuisorata
2019-11-06 at 13:07
Not surprise Shinobu is a girl i mean it was quite obvious


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