Do you need to read Tsukihime?

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#1 by fonmaster
2014-03-06 at 17:10
< report >i've seen and read every Type-Moon work except the aforementioned and its sequels. i know who Touko is since I watched KnK.
#2 by gabezhul
2014-03-06 at 19:18
< report >This story takes place before the events of Tsukihime (and Aoko is a side-character there at best anyway), so there is no reason to read them beforehand (save for the small detail that you are losing out on some awesome stories, but it's your call).
#3 by fonmaster
2014-03-08 at 17:42
< report >Thanks I will read Tsukihime one day but I'm one of those people who can wait till the end of time to read the remake. I just can't stand the backgrounds and repetitive music


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