Clannad Full Voice english text game save needed

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#1 by steelsnake4you
2010-03-16 at 21:43
Hey, I was wondering if anyone can send me a link or give me a copy of their game save of clannad with all thirteen light orbs obtained.

I have watched the anime(TWICE!) and would like to play the visual novel, but i really don't want to go through everyone's scenarios to get the true ending.

If anyone would be so kind as to put a game save up for it, please do so or let me know where i can find it. Thank you in advance!Last modified on 2010-12-16 at 08:14
#2 by chikan
2010-03-16 at 21:51
I'd recommend at the very least reading Tomoyo's scenario, if not the whole thing. As good as the anime was, it's no replacement for the visual novel, especially not with the crappy OVA which squeezes a 5+ hour route into 20 minutes.

Anyway: link should work.
#3 by steelsnake4you
2010-03-16 at 22:14

I will probably try reading a few of the other scenarios besides Nagisa's, its just that there are 13 scenarios lol. i have a lot of free time but i've been hearing that this novel can go on for upwards of 100 hours.

I'll be sure to try out Tomoya's scenario, and probably Kyou/Ryou's too. and Akio(i heard he had one as well)
#4 by chikan
2010-03-16 at 22:16
I think 100 hours is a bit of an exaggeration (if you're skipping the voicing, anyway, and not waiting for each voice to finish before reading the next line), but it certainly is long.

Oh, and there's also the Kappei route I guess. Kappei didn't even have an appearance in the anime.Last modified on 2010-03-16 at 22:17
#5 by steelsnake4you
2010-03-16 at 22:28
Hmm, i seem to be in a pickle. I am trying to use the seen.txt to translate the text to english, yet when i go to load game to use your save, it gives me a series of errors that look similar to this:


from what i was reading, this was due to me using the old seen.txt for the clannad 2004 version+ voice patch.

what i am asking is, is there a seen.txt for the clannad full voice version? i really would like to play this version

i don't want to wait a couple days to get my hands on the original version after it taking weeks for me to get the full voice version.

if it comes down to it though, i will get the clannad2004+ voice patch. just trying to avoid that situation.
#6 by chikan
2010-03-16 at 22:32

SEENr78_FV seems to be the newest one.
#7 by steelsnake4you
2010-03-16 at 22:42
weird, it works okay, but once in the game it just switches between saying error and unable to format text.

is there something else i need to install for this to work or something i should do?
#8 by chikan
2010-03-16 at 22:44
No idea, never had to deal with the translation myself. There's probably a step by step guide on Hongfire.
#9 by steelsnake4you
2010-03-16 at 22:44
also, i'm unsure where to put your save data at. i didn't get any alternate title screen when i put your save under SAVADATA and i didn't notice any game saves i could load.

sorry if i'm bugging you with all these problems, just really want to read the novel. i appreciate your help.
#10 by chikan
2010-03-16 at 22:46
You unzipped it, right? LZH is an archive like .zip or .rar.
#11 by steelsnake4you
2010-03-16 at 22:49
*slaps forehead*

we'll say that i did........ he he he he.

*runs off*

i'll try it again

EDIT: thank you, the save works great. i'm seeing a different title screen now. thanks for dealing with my incompetence there. i think i figured out what i was missing on the english patch: a modified gameexe.ini

i'll see if i can find one of those

EDIT EDIT: got it working now. basically i just installed lots of crap until i started seeing english. can't wait to try it out now :DLast modified on 2010-03-16 at 23:32
#12 by steelsnake4you
2010-03-17 at 02:32
just an update, i've gotten about 2 or 3 hours into, no problems whatsoever. thanks for the help chikan. so far the VN seems to be very similar to the anime, with a lot more dialog obviously.


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