Midori no Umi: Rating (Some Spoilers)

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#1 by chronopolize
2014-03-31 at 06:12
Strong points:
Atmospheric (The composer is very good). The atmospheric part really only is at it's best when you don't know exactly what's happening.
The plot is very tight, there are very few signs of plot holes. Although, this is partially because they didn't play out the process of getting out for each heroine.
Very nice alternate interface that shows route endings reached, and also routes that are still reachable on a path. The tarot card system is enjoyable.

The story doesn't spend enough time on the characters handling negotiations on getting themselves out etc. They just kind of succeed.
After you play through one or two of the "good" or "true" endings, the mystery practically evaporates.


For various reasons, I shall divide the VN into two parts and rate the two halves separately. The first half covers the start and most of the branching sections, while the second half covers all the "good" routes.

First Half
-mystery and atmosphere:
-nice tree of branches (+ tarot card system)
-sense of suspense
-the flashbacks were pretty confusing at first. They hinted at something different then an "otherwordly" VN. For what they were worth, the scenario that the MC slowly remembered, was fine.
-characters don't really show their true colors yet:
-Michiru: When she threatens you, the effect is good
-Chisha: The two sides is interesting, as is how she asks you for information
-The twins: just by existing they make you curious

-they were mostly all pleasant and lively to play through (borrowing the book from the library, the music room and violin, etc.)
Part 1 Score impression: 8 (7.9+0.1 interface)


Second Half (SPOILERS)

-the story is no longer a mystery
This a shame but acceptable. The VN loses it's atmospheric power though.

-Resolution Plot cut short
Score: ~5 (This is pretty unforgivable)
Routes lose plot interest after clearing 1-2
This is a consequence of the scenario they created/chose to portray. It's a shame but unavoidable.
Score: ~6.5 (pulls the novel towards being completely average)

-Without mystery, the VN now is solely dependent on character depth and interaction

-Michiru probably has the most "satisfying route", as her emotional state and development is tied into how the "paradise" came to be. Iroha was a decent figure for the part she played
-Don't know about other characters's routes (Played through Michiru's, Chisha, and all other non-route endings.)
Score 7.8

-Very consistent character behaviour
-Events were perhaps not all riveting, but they were all good and none of them were silly.
-Chiisha stealing the information, the group talk in 3 had some good thoughts Saya, Chiisha being stabbed
-The events leading up the Makina's death in the Michiru's route
-The mental state of everyone and the tension in the mansion is a strong point and became the last exciting point of the novel
Score: 8


I can't give it anywhere near an 8 because the lack of resolution plot.
Score for the second half: 6.8 (average of the 4)

Overall score (50-50 weighting of the two halves): 7.4

I suppose this isn't very useful, because anyone who sees this has probably read it already. Oh well, it was enjoyable. I hope to see more people play it.Last modified on 2014-03-31 at 06:36
#2 by oooeeeaaa
2016-12-31 at 04:34
Well I haven't seen the VN yet.

Your review is useful, and I wish more people would do something like this. The VN is rated as average (in my opinion) yet the description of the VN is intriguing, so I want a bit more in-depth explanation of how the story really is like without turning to a full blown plot summary.

Your review is certainly appreciated. Thanks
#3 by chronopolize
2017-01-08 at 08:20
Heya. I'm glad someone found use of it, even though its being horribly messy. You're welcome. Thanks for reading!

I'll consider doing more of this type of review for simpler works.
#4 by riguru121
2019-07-10 at 21:02
This was actually a decent vn.
Also loved the ost's
Would have enjoyed more if not for the Tl...


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