Release Date based Search Filter

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#1 by temporaryuser
2014-04-09 at 07:30
< report >Can i please request a new search filter in Visual Novels section. I want to be able to view vns release after a specific date. Also i should be able to set it as default, as i don't really like old art work it would be really awesome. Thnx
#2 by ano
2014-04-09 at 21:56
< report >I thought there was something about it in the To-do list, about a cross-search between Visual novels and Releases (which would have solved that).
But in fact there isn't.
I wonder if I dreamed it or if it was just mentioned in a random topic.
Or maybe I missed it when checking just now (reread 3 times, but sometimes it won't help)Last modified on 2014-04-09 at 21:57


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