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#1 by kc999ice
2014-04-19 at 04:31
So far I have played 2 VNs, Sharin no kuni & Katawa shoujo. Should I play this one? I've seen some threads that highly recommend it.
#2 by dk382
2014-04-20 at 23:15
It's really entertaining but it really depends on what you're looking for. The level of drama is pretty low, but it's a really fun light-hearted romp. Expect absurd over-the-top action and ridiculous plotlines with comedy getting a higher priority than drama or romance. If that sounds appealing, then it's worth reading.Last modified on 2014-04-20 at 23:18
#3 by arsonist
2014-08-27 at 21:07
I probably played half through hoping there would be a change for the better but then I just quit without even bothering looking for a summary. It's really boring and pointless.


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