Horrible Video Bug

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#1 by fonmaster
2014-04-21 at 08:09
< report >I have this really odd bug that stops the videos halfway. The first prologue video stops after the "I am completely sane" line then moves on to the next prologue video showing the Earth (this video also ends halfway). Any one know a fix? It also affects the convergence numbers change.

EDIT: This also happens with Ever17. Is this Windows Media Player's fault? I don't have this problem with other VNs I have played though.Last modified on 2014-04-21 at 08:13
#2 by verifonix
2014-04-21 at 08:53
< report >Your Directshow configuration messes with how the game plays videos is what I think. Installing some of the major codec packs (CCCP/K-lite/...) should fix things.
[alternatively use a tool called Win7DSFilterTweaker to set up how windows decodes MPEG2. LAV splitter could also be causing conflicts if you have that installed]Last modified on 2014-04-21 at 08:56


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