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#1 by samson
2014-04-24 at 13:22
Harlem Blade is a very fun RPG. I played it on PC98 and really enjoyed it. It's very long for a game of its type, though. here's a link to my gamefaqs review.


I always liked how Giga/TGL tended to put some actual solid gameplay in a lot of their titles. Steam Hearts and some of the later Variable Geos are other good ones from them off the top of my head.

As for Harlem Blade, I really enjoyed it. The controls were awful, just awful, though. You have this obtuse system where you move your mouse so that it's around but never touching your character and you can't move too far away from him. He walks really fast in one direction and has a gradual stop, which means that you'll probably crash into a lot of shit and get into more random battles than you'd like.

The actual RPG segments aren't too grindy. Some battles do get tough, but for the most part, it's not too bad. You can get a lot of potential characters in your party and there is an ungodly number of endings in this one. Seriously, there are like, ten heroines and they each get an ending, along with a bad ending. It's an insane investment to go through this game ten times to get everything. Some people are just that devoted though and have just that much free time on their hands. Those people will probably enjoy Harlem Blade most.

The actual narrative was okay. It's kind of like your standard RPG plot if your protagonist were interested in sex just as much as he were interested in saving the world. There's an ancient evil that has been awakened that you have to stop. You visit plenty of towns and meet NPCs that are sometimes interesting but usually boring. Then you also have a ton of women in your party that follow you around. Harlem Blade is actually a misspelling of Harem Blade. This game has nothing to do with dreams dying like raisins in the sun or The Globetrotters.

If you're into really long games, then you'll probably like Harlem Blade. I only played through it twice and then I started a new file to get another ending until I remembered how long the game was and was all "Screw this. Time to move on to my next game." I might come back to it some day to get all the other endings, but probably once I've played everything else I'm interested in first.
#2 by usagi
2020-02-12 at 16:42
Game's English translation is out. Not sure is it enough VN to belong here though.
#3 by kratoscar2008
2020-02-12 at 17:07
Can you name the MC?
#4 by eacil
2020-02-12 at 22:21
Arf, I thought Samson was back. I re-read his review, and... definitely not playing that.
Classic crappy ATK ATK ATK HEAL ATK JRPG (I see an AUTO command and that tells you everything). Cliched story with awakened maou. The ero must be fucking random women as usual. It has this too common fucktard system where you have to replay the game... ten times??? to get all the endings???
No, thank you, it will be without me.


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