Any Space Operas?

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#1 by fonmaster
2014-04-25 at 20:28
< report >Just finished watching LoGH and now I am hungry for some space epic VNs. I would prefer one with some great political drama.

English or Japanese is fine.Last modified on 2014-04-25 at 20:30
#2 by tyr
2014-04-26 at 01:46
< report >You can try Infinite Space for the Nintendo DS.
It may look like an RPG, but it's actually more visual novel than game.

... but because you don't like VNs with gameplay, you will probably don't like this either ^^''
#3 by nekoyasha
2014-04-27 at 21:22
< report >Cannonball (v602) is a great space opera - not entirely political, but more than it seems at first glance. SHOGUN8 (v594) might fit what you're looking for, and even has Star Wars, err, "homages," but I didn't play much of it because I didn't like the management aspect. I think the go-to space epic is Galaxy Angel, but I haven't played that one yet either.
#4 by mazyrian
2014-04-27 at 23:32
< report >I think it's more a conventional game with just some VN elements, but link seems to be fit the space epic part. I had seen it described as Crusader Kings meets Sengoku Rance, in spaceLast modified on 2014-04-27 at 23:33


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