Does this VN isn't fully translated?

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#1 by lyrad
2014-05-05 at 19:45
I've seen a lot of people who seems to have plenty of knowledge about this VN like they've played all the routes in some forums but when I checked here, it says partial.

So is there some routes that aren't translated? If it's completely translated, mind giving me the link? Never deal with patches before so I'm kinda in the blank for this kinda thing.
#2 by greatfox
2014-05-05 at 19:51
Majikoi is only partially translated so there are two routes still in Japanese, those are the Miyako and True Endings. It's possible the people talking about it either used a Machine Translator or can understand Japanese well enough to read the last two routes on their own. As a side note, the status has been stuck at 80% for quite awhile and some people feel it's unlikely to progress any further.
#3 by alphaqrough
2014-06-06 at 04:14
In addition to the Miyako and True Endings, a lot of the side character's routes are untranslated as well (Shouichi, Chika, etc.)
#4 by verifonix
2014-06-06 at 06:12
Someone, fix the thread title. Such grammar.
#5 by space-ranger
2014-06-06 at 13:31
Someone, fix the thread title. Such grammar.
Not needed. If the thread tells people to use machine translations to play the VN, then they better get used to horribly broken English :P
#6 by rubytyr
2014-06-15 at 09:13
@ #5: for such a depressing topic (due to the dead nature of the VN TL), your post made me lol, good job sir.
#7 by appido
2014-06-22 at 16:41
I only have enough time over summer break to read through one series. I was trying to decide between muv luv + sequel or this + sequel. Should I just go with muv luv if this isn't completed then? This VN seems to suit my tastes more and the visuals are much more appeasing than Muv Luv but I feel like I'd have a hard time enjoying this as much if I can't read all the heroine routes and the true ending.
#8 by gabezhul
2014-06-22 at 16:46
^ What do you mean you have time for "only one series"? I just recently re-read Majikoi when I finally resolved myself to read the translated Majikoi S routes, and the two titles together took me less than a week to go through on back burner. Last time I checked a summer break was way longer than that, so unless you read at a snail's pace or can only read for half an hour even day, your question sound pretty nonsensical to me.

BTW, if you haven't gathered yet, my answer would be -both-.
#9 by overmage
2014-06-22 at 17:14
@7: muv-luv + sequel
#10 by manwithnoplan
2014-06-22 at 18:10
You can also learn enough JP to finish majikoi, just puttin it out there.
#11 by jakerams
2014-06-22 at 18:24
@7 Muv Luv + Alternative
#12 by appido
2014-06-22 at 20:41
@8 it's not that I don't want to read them all but I only have about a month and a half until I start grad school and I am a pretty slow reader. Back when I had tons of free time, it took me a week+ to finish a 30-50hour VN. Right now though I have a full time job and I'm also studying for an exam I need to pass before grad school starts. I doubt I'll even be able to finish one series before I leave.

Anyways, I have a question about majikoi. The sequel can continue off of the heroine routes right? Does that mean you don't even need to play the true route if you continue the heroine routes? Also, if you don't continue from a heroine route, does it continue off the true route then?Last modified on 2014-06-22 at 20:41
#13 by gabezhul
2014-06-22 at 21:03
No, Majikoi S' routes do not follow after any of the original's routes (although there -are- after-stories for them), the new content follows after the end of the first game's common route without the protagonist ever entering into any of the heroine routes.
#14 by appido
2014-06-23 at 01:08
ah I see. I guess I just misunderstood something then. thanks though, i think I'll try out muv luv for the time being. Maybe in the future when I have time again this will be translated further and I can give it a try.
#15 by schnarf
2014-10-21 at 04:03
there's a thread updating the progress on fuwanovel. not sure if links are allowedLast modified on 2014-10-21 at 04:15
#16 by horseband
2014-10-23 at 18:14
That's for bringing that project to my attention schnarf. The fuwanovel thread is already linked as a patch.

From what I can tell there is no updated patch released yet :(.
#17 by zenophilious
2014-11-21 at 08:11
If anyone is looking for the progress of the Fuwanovel translation project, here's the thread: link


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