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#1 by vovo
2010-03-30 at 19:05
Sorry for stupid question (and bad grammar=)), but where I can download this game???
#2 by chikan
2010-03-30 at 19:06

FAQs are there to be read.
#3 by caesarpk
2010-10-14 at 22:12
On a completely different note, have any1 had the trouble of the game crashing in the end (I think) chapter 11 when Okabe meets Kurisu on the streets after they've entered the Steins;Gate?
This game have too many bugs in the system.Last modified on 2010-10-14 at 22:13
#4 by fujifruit
2010-10-15 at 06:09
Try downloading the patches from the website.
#5 by pmt7ar
2010-12-15 at 01:49
I have several crash everytime I load ingame.
Thanks god it doesn't happen the first time, so I could play it normally, just can't use quickload without restarting the game.
using 1.2 patch
#6 by carolsama1993
2011-09-06 at 17:13
this one is the original;?
<link was removed by the mod>

because is write 'doujin' and it's released in 2010
#7 by immlff
2011-09-07 at 00:51
No links to illegal downloads, please read the d6#5.
And by the way, Steins;Gate is not doujin, it is a commercial visual novel.
#8 by carolsama1993
2011-09-07 at 01:03
sorry, i'll not do this again

and thanks


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