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#1 by pramit
2014-06-07 at 19:50
< report >any news for the english patch of this game?
#2 by merup
2014-06-07 at 19:56
< report >Patch? News? Has anyone even started it?
#3 by dk382
2014-06-07 at 19:56
< report >There's someone who has expressed interest in doing one but it's a side project while he works on v9124. And even that still seems kind of shaky on how much he's committed to it, so basically don't hold your breath.Last modified on 2014-06-07 at 19:57
#4 by ninjafire
2014-08-19 at 18:11
< report >i'd like an english patch of this, too. the main game is amazing.
#5 by ferustachi
2014-09-23 at 00:10
< report >@4 As would I. This VN has always been one I loved (first one I read actually).
#6 by horseband
2014-09-23 at 05:56
< report >Well, it's not going to logically happen. The original release was a butchered All Ages release that stripped out sexual content and changed storylines to attempt to cover that up.

This is a fan disc which is filled to the brim with sex scenes. Strip the scenes and you lose a large bulk of the VN. They had a hard time making a quality product with the original and that one has less sex scenes. I doubt they will bother trying to do this one unless they suddenly are okay with an 18+ release.
#7 by madeofmush
2014-11-22 at 01:32
< report >Seems like they're working on a PS3/PSPVita version, which will probably be butchered, and could be brought over to us Westerners. Hopefully there will be a patch that restores the h-material if all that happened.
#8 by jao
2014-11-22 at 15:01
< report >"restores the h-material", "PS3/PSPVita version"
... You do know that there will never be any h content on sony consoles, yes?
#9 by rikudawn
2015-01-04 at 13:36
< report >Jt was a nme
#10 by rikudawn
2015-01-04 at 13:38
< report >If someone translate this, I will pay them a $1000 dollars for it.
#11 by ivo
2018-02-23 at 21:46
< report >actually its faster to learn Japanese than keep waiting for translations.. its not that difficult as at seems :p
#12 by kiru
2018-02-23 at 21:56
< report >And then you realize, it's not even good. The writer didn't check the last game for consistency and the main story's ending in this has been done in the last game already. In better. Kinda funny.
#13 by mayoinice
2018-10-03 at 03:15
< report >I hope someone will translete this
#14 by mayoinice
2018-10-03 at 03:16
< report >With H-scene too
#15 by anonymous
2018-10-03 at 03:19
< report >#13/#14 d6#8
#16 by ninigi
2018-10-03 at 03:25
< report >In fact, Moenovel already working on this, but since they only caters to 12-years-old French girls, no hentai, just your good-old butchered stuff.
#17 by kasperbk
2018-11-26 at 15:19
< report >let's hope shall we
#18 by kyousukekoyomi
2019-03-07 at 08:50
< report >This is one of the first Visual Novel I ever loved.


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